Stuck on your latest creative project? Go Gauche!

Hello Lovelies!

Michelle here.

Today we have a great video from Cheryl showing her design process and how she incorporates Gauche Alchemy fabulousness into her layouts.

I love looking at Cheryl work- she’s very self assured with her choices. I really like the way she layered her papers for maximum contrast and print variety- check it out!

Cheryl used ephemera from the Purple People Eater Mixed Media kit, papers from the Nearly  Nekkid and Acme Subscription kits as well as napkins for the Paper Napkin Art Kit.

These last few weeks have been a little difficult schedule-wise so instead of worrying about making something new and possibly causing a creative block, I rely on my favorite layout design- large versus small vertical (see below). I believe using Gauche color kit goodies changes the look and theme of each page so much I can get away with using the same layout over and over again.

Corrugated board, kraft grid paper, wood buttons and wood grain pattern punchinella- the Nearly Nekkid Kit really has everything I would ever want in a kit- it's like they opened my brain and looked inside.

If I am really over-thinking a project I will destroy and remake it several times before the items start to gel. I also like to use magazine layouts or covers, online page sketches and when I’m really feeling “inspired”, store windows. I know it sounds random but if you break objects down into basic shapes and  see the rest as negative space you get a layout. Try it next time you swing your favorite shop.

Once I started layering it just came together and I had to FORCE myself to stop. The photo is one of my all-time favorites. Lola is never "lead". She leads. We're usually going the same way anyway.

I used items from the Scarlet Fever Red Mixed Media Color Kit and red punchinella to add some contrast to the layout. My Nearly Nekkid Mixed Media Paper Art kit included a thin 5 x 7 piece of cork, a material I hadn’t used in a layout before. I had fun ripping it up into strips and now that I have a die-cutting machine, I’m also going to try to cut it into shapes for my next project- it’s certainly thin enough.

How about you? How do you kick the no mojo monster?

Thanks for swinging by!

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  1. Fantastic work! It’s really easy to incorporate mixed media elements onto a traditional page. Thanks for sharing!

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