Giveaway: Win Some Gauche Alchemy!

Happy Saturday! Amy here to announce a Gauche Alchemy giveaway!

Gauche Alchemy Giveaway!

Unlike the poor dude pictured here, our contests are designed to be humiliation free. No risk participation! Go for it!

So, here’s the idea. Spread the word about Gauche Alchemy and get a chance to win a delish goody bag on us. It will have a little of this and a dash of that – guaranteed some of our favorite finds.

From now through Valentines Day, any Tweet that includes the hashtag #GaucheAlchemy and a link to our blog ( will be entered to win. Simple right?

Same goes for Facebook – any post that meets these two criteria will be entered to win (make sure to mark that post public so we can see it).

You can also enter on Pinterest by pinning your favorite product from our shop (found at or pinning a project that features our products (yours or anyone else’s, including our designers), of course including #GaucheAlchemy and our blog link in the description of the photo.

Three ways to win! Get crackin’!

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