Altered Matchbox

Hi everyone! Maggi here to show you a new project from Alchemist Jo, an altered matchbox:

Altered Matchbox

Jo tells us:
I used a larger size matchbox, 6.5cm x 11cm. I chose the gorgeous peacock feather design napkin from the Paper Napkin Art Kit. I peeled away the top layer of the 2-ply napkin and stuck it to the outside of the box using Mod Podge. The ribbons around the edge was snipped out of clothing (you know the annoying ribbon that is suppose to help you hang up your clothes but then always hangs out when you’re wearing them?!) I have so much of this ribbon in many different shades!!

While this was drying I wiped Staz-on black ink pad over the outside surface of the inner drawer, and painted the inside with black acrylic paint. I also gave the inner surface a light cover of glitter glue to add a dark shimmer. I lined the ‘floor’ of the drawer with mirrored card (from my stash, saved from some underwear packaging – the packaging turned out to be better than the underwear!) I knew I wanted to use a film negative image of a glamorous film star and to create a grown up glamorous style of matchbox. Using 2 types of tape, I adhered the film negative.

Inside Altered Matchbox

I took a grey paper flower, tinted it with ink and using a paintbrush, added more shimmer with glitter glue. I took a black bead from the Black Out Mixed Media Color Kit and stitched it to the centre of the flower. I stuck this to the inner drawer using Mod Podge. To the front of the ‘drawer’ I stuck some more mirrored card, and then used a found earring as a drawer pull, bending over the stick part of the earring and securing with tape on the inside of the drawer.

Mixed Media Matchbox

I then covered the outside box with cheap black net. I liked the extra layer and texture achieved. Onto this I glued a piece of Punchinella – I LOVED the petrol blue colours shimmering in this Punchinella. I then took another grey paper flower, this one is bigger than the other one, and gave it the same treatment as the smaller one – ink and glitter glue. I had a found ‘diamond’ button (missing a couple of the gems but I like that, faded glamour and all that) – I broke off the shank and stuck it to the flower using Mod Podge. I adhered this to the surface of the box, on top of the Punchinella. To the underside of the box I stuck 4 jean-type rivets from the ACME Kit, to make little box feet.

Fantastic work Jo!

Now go glue something awesome onto some awesome something!

Maggi 😀

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5 Responses

  1. I love that you used the fasters as legs for this! BEAUTIFUL!

  2. wow! i like all your ideas joanna, but the black mesh around the box is fantastic!

  3. DIVINE! This is a glam grand-slam!

  4. OOO so many great ideas! LOVE the tiny “legs” and the inside is amazing- gotta get some yellow star washi!!!

  5. Gorgeous Jo! I love how you’ve made the legs. it’s all just very lush. Colours are very different from your norm too… but still very Jo!

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