Scrapbooking With Texture and Technique

Hi everyone! Maggi here to share a fantastically distressed, gorgeously grunge-y scrapbook layout from Alchemist Misty!

Grunge Scrapbook Layout

Misty says: The photo is of my grandparents. My Grandpa died about 7 years ago and I was very close to him and continue to be extremely close to my Grandma. I love seeing the pics of them together from that time because I can’t help but to imagine what they must have been like. My Grandpa was always incredibly ornery and full of jokes. In fact, my Grandma and grandpa’s first date was a result of his ornery little ways!

My Grandma had a date with a guy from her high school one night but my Grandpa told her that her date had to cancel. My Grandpa, being the sweet guy he was, insisted that she still go see the movie with him. My Grandma was reluctant but decided to go out with him and his cousin (who was her best friend) anyway. You can imagine my Grandma’s surprise when her date who had supposedly cancelled showed up to that same movie. It obviously impressed her that Grandpa would go through such great lengths to get a date with her, because they were inseparable ever since!

Adding Texture With Punchinella

This was the first page I have ever made without already having a photo in mind. I really just wanted to play with the PVC punchinella (my main inspiration) and modeling paste and knew that the rectangle sequin waste would create an awesome textured background! So, I started using the punchinella as a stencil and smeared modeling paste randomly around different parts of the page. Then I misted the page with some mists I made (I used Dr. Ph. Martins calligraphy ink, water, and perfect pearls powder.)

Altered Chipboard Letters

I painted some White Ouchless Cardboard with Folkart gold glitter to give it some shimmer. I also added a braille page from the ACME Kit and misted it with some purple and blue mists and added gold glitter paint.

Handmade Paper Flowers

I made some flowers from music sheets and used a leaf from the Wedding Night Mixed Media Color Kit I found some white ribbon in the Lace Ribbon Variety Pack and stained it with coffee to give it an aged look.

Lace Aged With Coffee

Amazing job Misty! There is so much texture and technique on this layout, I have a hard time picking out my favorite part! I love the idea of using coffee to give an “aged” look. Have you used this technique before?

Don’t forget go glue something awesome onto some awesome something!

Maggi 😀

Image Map

5 Responses

  1. Wow! I LOVE the grungy look to this LO – and you gotta LOVE the story of Misty’s Grandpa and his determination to ‘get the girl’.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous – also cannot pick a favourite part. Romantic grunge – I love it!

    I did love the story of how your grandparents got together Misty – those are the stories that so easily get lost 🙂

    Maggi – yes I’ve used that technique before. tea too, it works on paper too and it makes everything smell gorgeous 😉

  3. I love the colors and all the texture you’ve acheived with the modeling paste. This looks really good. And i am impressed you made the flowers yourself from music sheets, awesome!

  4. Wow…this page is a masterpiece…thanks for the inspiration, Misty!!

  5. I LOVE those flowers gurl!!! Wow wow WOW! That last detail shot is. a. work. of. art. The color and texture- that lace detail and the mesh behind the flowers- just gorgeous. LOVE THIS! 🙂

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