Wendy’s geek chic


Michelle here with a FUN project from Wendy Morris!

Wendy is a very cool and multi-talented woman- someone I would turn to for advice on all things crafty.

Today she shows us that she has a wonky fun side too- yaay!


Oh MAN- this page uses all my fave scrap motifs! Numbers? check! Misting? check! Strips? check! Stars? Check! Friggin' AWESOME!

As Wendy explains:

“Yes, I can be a lil’ bit nerdy, a lil’ bit quirky, and a ‘lil’ bit energetic.  Nerdy in that that I crunch numbers and I’m always up for a challenge in my day job as an auditor. I will also admit I have a passion for learning new things. But I always tap into that other side of my personality to unleash my creativity, find the humor in everyday, think positive and enjoy life.”
I LOVE this particular detail:

Cork letters continue the school theme established by the title. The layering of text papers from the Hot for Teacher kit is subtle but provides great pop against the title. I'm LOVING the Tattered Angels Olive mist here too!

Wendy used the Hot For Teacher kit and a strip of red punchinella for this page. The kit includes some great number and letter themed papers which Wendy made her own by misting with Mister Huey in Calico Cream. I also love cluster of details focused off to one side- asymmetric design is really hot right now.

Details please!!!


Eye glasses rub-ons, numbers brads and Maya Road star pin and wood ruler- awesome! That Lawn Fawn glasses stamp is so darned cute!


Wendy's lively self portraits always make me smile! When she uses them in multiples like this I'm reminded of the paintings and newspapers in the Harry Potter books where the subjects move and interact with the viewer.

One last great detail shot:


This seemingly random handwritten detail adds a contrasting curved element to a page that uses white space and linear embellishments very effectively.

So Wendy you rocked it yet again! What’s next? (I hear a chorus softly singing Disney World)

Chells out!

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5 Responses

  1. This page is amazing! So creative and detailed!

  2. I totally love geek chic 😀

  3. Super cool nerdelicious 🙂 Love me those glasses and that random handwriting is brilliant!

  4. All so brilliant 😀 I love the reference to the HP newspapers Michelle – that’s it totally with Wendy’s pictures 😀

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