Misty’s Altered Journal


Michelle here.

We have a fabulous photo-centric “How I Did It” post from design team member Misty today.

Misty has gotten lots of great feedback on her liberal use of punchinella and traditional stencils to add texture to her mixed media scrapbook projects. So we asked her to pretty please take photos during the making of her next project.

I’m really glad we did because I just learned a few things myself!

Materials needed: Gauche Alchemy punchinella, Crafter's Workshop stencils (any brand is fine actually), paper to cover your work surface, a notebook or other alterable surface, gesso primer, modeling paste and misting or water color paints.

First Misty removed the front and back covers of the journal to keep the inside pages clean.

Lay the punchinella flat on the surface for use as a stencil. Apply molding paste over the design with a credit card or your finger. Gently pull the punchinella back taking care not to disturb the imprint.

This is what the first layer could look like- feel free to keep applying layers till you get the desired amount of texture.

Misty also used her favorite daisy pattern Crafter's Workshop stencil.

While the second molding paste layer is drying, place the title or other embellishments. Make sure letters are holding fast. Allow to dry.

Once the primed chipboard is dry, several different color mists are sprayed directly onto the surface from very close range to create drips. The letters are stamped black when the misted color is dry. Misty mixed her own mist paint for this project! (That post is coming your way soon!)

This is the final result. Misty also applied ink over some of the raised texture in the gesso for extra contrast. This is SO LOVELY!

Misty used the following Gauche Alchemy products for this altered journal cover:

Blue 4mm star punchinella

Blue 4mm star punchinella

PVC teardrop punchinella

PVC sunburst punchinella

White 3mm circle punchinella

Pink 6mm heart shaped punchinella

So I have this large jar of molding paste and an even BIGGER jar of gesso. I am starting to experiment just a tad. How about you?

Got any altered paint projects you’d like to share? Hit us up on Flickr! We promise to leave fun comments!!!!

Don’t forget, you can stock up on everything in the Gauche Alchemy store at 10% off through the end of March in honor of National Craft Month!

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8 Responses

  1. I am going to have to try this out! This looks FANTASTIC, Misty!

  2. That’s really cool! I love it Misty!

  3. Misty that is a fab tech!!!!!

  4. Great tutorial Misty!!

  5. This is a really unique and fantabulous journal! Love seeing how it all came together Misty – terrific job.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous.

  7. Mmmmmm, texture!! I’m loving this, Misty, thank you for the tute :o)

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