Silence is the True Friend Altered Tin

Hi everyone! Maggi here to show you the newest project from Alchemist Jo, an altered tin:

Mixed Media Altered Tin

Jo: When looking through my GA goodies, I was attracted to the bright colour of the yellow and gold bits and pieces (and the little paper drink umbrella in particular) from the Banana Hammock Mixed Media Color Kit. This was my inspiration for this piece. I’d kept this Neocolour II water soluble wax crayons tin but had never found a way of using it – now I finally knew what I was going to do with it.

Tin Ready For Altering

Firstly, I rubbed down the tin with a sand paper block to provide a key and then applied a layer of gesso. I love the Starflower Punchinella and I wanted to give the lid some texture so I used it as a stencil with acrylic modelling paste, just scraping a piece of card across the paste over the punchinella.

Texture With Modelling Paste and Punchinella

(By immediately removing the Punchinella and cleaning it, I’ve still got it for use another day :)) The modelling paste takes a while to dry (**yawn**) but once it was dry, I sprayed both the top and underside of the tin with red, yellow and orange glimmer and chalk mists.

Adding Texture With Punchinella

Once this was dry (**yawn**) I had fun randomly sticking on brightly coloured tissue paper, gold chocolate wrappers and, of course, the inspirational drink umbrella (with the wooden stick removed). I cut out the black and white image of the girl and added game pieces, sequins and a gem (also from the Banana Hammock Mixed Media Color Kit.) The Confucius quote, “Silence is the true friend that never betrays” seemed to be appropriate for the thoughtful looking girl.

Inside the tin I stuck brightly coloured tissue paper, and used my stash stuff along with the strip of paper from the Foreign Text Paper Pack and a yellow pin. The rubber stamped lettering says, “Love.”

Altered Tin Inside

I had such fun with this project!


The fun you had really shows here, Jo! Thanks for another fantastic project, I love how you used the punchinella as a stencil, what great texture!

Don’t forget, you can stock up on everything in the Gauche Alchemy store at 10% off through the end of March in honor of National Craft Month!

Now go glue something awesome onto some awesome something!

Maggi 😀

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6 Responses

  1. Beautiful! I love those colors and that quote!

  2. Holy crap! Jo, this is GORGEOUS!! That’s it! I’m gonna try this modeling paste thing. I have some spackling paste. I hope that works. 😉

  3. Oh. LOVE that quote too!

  4. I’m sitting here picking paste off my fingers as I read this 😀

    Another gorgeous, gorgeous project Jo. Don’t know what I’m more jealous of – your talent or that you have Neocolours!

  5. Oh Jo that’s awesome I’m loving the texture, think I’ve got one of those tins somewhere – must did it out!

  6. This is a FANTASTIC project Jo! I was just wondering the other day if I could get away with adding modeling paste to acrylic- better just go ahead and try it. Beautiful colors and GREAT message for this- I need to practice that saying myself!

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