Easy Steps for Adding Texture to Any Background

Hi everyone! Maggi here to introduce a guest poster for today. She’s sharing a background technique that I personally have used a couple of times already, it is just that awesome! (I kind of want to make out with it a little bit.) Take it away, Julie!

Hi! My name is Julie Tucker-Wolek and I have been scrapping for about 15 years!!
Julie Tucker-Wolek

About 3 years ago, I really got into altering stuff!! I will alter anything! I go to antique stores and scour the aisles looking for things to alter. Lately, I have been making canvases. I have seen people paint them, cover them in paper etc…. and I decided to find a way to create ‘texture’ to my canvases without adding a lot of product to them! So today I wanted to share my way of transforming a canvas to make it look like you added a lot of texture!

First, I paint my canvas:

Painted Canvas

Next, while the paint is wet, I mist it:

Glimmer Mist
Misted Canvas

Next, I take an old dress pattern, (if you don’t have a dress pattern, you can also use tissue paper)
Sewing Pattern Paper
Next, I ‘squish’ (such technical words here! lol!) the dress pattern all over the canvas:

Adding Texture to Background

Then I remove the dress pattern and there you have texture!!

Texture with Tissue

And here is one of my canvasses with my technique in use:

Wizard of Oz Canvas

And here are some extra tips! I mist stuff on my kitchen counters – to prepare for this, I lay down paper towels, and then to make sure that my canvas doesn’t stick to the paper towel (with the wet paint and mist), I lay down either an old plastic bag from a scrapbook kit that I have or in most cases I lay down wax paper!  I hope you find this technique helpful and fun!! Thanks for letting me share it!

Have a great day!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Thanks so much for sharing this fantastic technique with us, Julie! I just LOVE it! Although I’ve recently realized that I’ve been leaving the pattern paper ON instead of taking it off! Just goes to show, you can always add your own twist. LOL Make sure to check out Julie’s blog for more scrappin’ and alterin’ goodness!

Now give this a try and then go glue something awesome to it!

Maggi 😀

Image Map

11 Responses

  1. Thanks for having me today Maggi and Gauche Alchemy!! I really appreciate it!!

  2. Awesome technique Julie!

  3. Isn’t Julie so talented? love the way she shares those technical terms! lol
    Love her canvas and fun way of getting texture.
    Thanks for sharing her talent here-she is a great guest

  4. Love Julie’s creations – this is a great tip!

  5. Love Julie’s projects! She does amazing work and is very creative. Beautiful canvas thank you for sharing her talent with others!

  6. LOVE this technique!! Thanks so much Julie, for sharing it with us!


  7. That canvas is GORGEOUS Julie 😀

  8. Fab technique and it looks great on that wonderful canvas!

  9. I can hardly wait to try this technique! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!!!!
    I love your Wizard of Oz canvas! Wow!!!!

  10. I love that canvas, and I would never have thought to pull the tissue/pattern back off.. normally I would just glue it down. I’ll have to try this in the future, thanks for the wonderful tip Julie!!

  11. What a cool tutorial! Thanks Julie – loved it!!

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