Welcome New Alchemists!

Hi everyone! Maggi here to announce some new additions to the team! You guys really went all out during our design team call and this was such a hard decision to make! In fact, we decided to snag more than we originally thought just because we couldn’t pick just one. (It was like having our own bag of creative chips. lol)

We have a new newsletter overlord, all hail Lori Wilbanks!

Lori Wilbanks
Howdy-ho neighbors!! I’m Lori and am supremely excited to be your new NEWSLETTER OVERLORD (I like to say that very dramatically, with a loud, low voice….sometimes with an evil laugh as well, depending on my mood.) I am a single, thirty-something educator, who loves books, coffee, laughter, and naps. I live in sunny (and too hot) Florida and am an aunt to four of the most adorable nieces and nephews.

I started as a scrapbooker in my twenties and my style has changed through the years. Once I was introduced to mixed media and art journaling, and felt the joy of having paint covered fingers, I never looked back. I love learning new techniques and every t-shirt I own has paint on it. 🙂 I like throwing paint and glue and paper on art journal pages, canvases, and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on. It’s all about the mess, I say. I am so very stoked to be joining this crazy talented team and hoping to learn from each of them…and you! Let’s get messy!

We’ve got two great new writers, meet Marilyn Hughes!
Marilyn Hughes
I’m a happily married mother of a wonderful teenage son living in the southern part of Louisiana. Employed as an Assistant Director of Facility Services for a world-renown Biomedical Research Center, I spend my days number crunching and cracking the whip over a bunch of guys. After a hard day at the office, I consider creating art good for the soul and necessary for my sanity. It’s the best therapy out there.

I gravitate toward lace, ephemera, embellishments, general junktique , and basically anything vintage. While I love anything altered (& will alter anything), ATCs, Tags, and Inchies are my forte. Creating is done while drinking gallons of coffee (love that caffeine), listening to country music, and doing impromptu dancing in my studio. Give me a stack of paper, a pile of assorted embellishments & ephemera, a UHU stick & scissors, tune the radio to Kenny Chesney or Pistol Annies, and I’m one happy lady! YEEHAW!

And our second writer, Jenn “Scraps” Walker!
Jenn "Scraps" Walker
I am a multi-passionate blogger and artist who believes in the power of creativity, cocktails, (parenthetical references) and having a good laugh (generally at my own expense). A creative dilettante (in the best possible sense of the word), my creative methods of choice these days lean towards collage, comics and considering the possibilities of the cases of empty wine bottles I’ve collected. My home studio is called The Abyss, I have a thing for monkeys, and I can’t wait to slap some paint on canvas very soon.

We have not one but TWO new video chicks! First up is Mary Brockway:

Mary Brockway
Hello! My name is Mary and I live in Arizona with my husband and 3 children. I’d say my creative adventures are pretty eclectic. One day I may create a fabulous piece of chunky jewelry with found objects and the next a card or journal. The one thing that’s a constant, is that I’m going to change! I LOVE tinkering around with things and finding new ways to use old items. OH! And there WILL be sparkle. And stitching. Love that, too.

And last but not least, Amy Lassiter!

Amy Lassiter
I am a Momma to 3 daughters, ages 17, 12, and 10, and the wife to my best friend from college. I am a classically trained soprano, and sang opera professionally before deciding to focus on my family (I’ve never regretted that decision). I do sing locally, and hold a part time job as a church soloist and section leader. I also hold another part time job as a librarian. Other than my paper crafting and mixed media crafting hobbies, I enjoy photography, gardening, swimming, sewing, embroidery, and antiquing and thrifting.

I began crafting as a child. As the youngest grandchild in my extended family, and an only child, I got to spend lots of quality time with my very crafty grandmothers. My maternal grandmother was an artist, and taught me oil painting, sewing, tatting, and other various forms of crafting. My paternal grandmother taught me crochet and doll making. I started scrapbooking/paper crafting/creating mixed media art about 18 months ago in earnest. Before that, I scrapbooked, but in a very simple way. I have started to fall into a style that is uniquely mine, and I am discovering more pieces of “my style” as each day passes. My projects are very artsy, creative, eclectic, and unique. I believe in staying true to my style, because for me, the time I spend creating projects in my studio is therapeutic, and a form of self-expression….the joy is very much in the process. As right brained as I may be, I view my crafting as a job, and I am very reliable; I work very well within deadlines, and I believe in giving my best, most creative work every single time.

Welcome ladies!

Now go glue something awesome onto some awesome something!

Maggi 😀

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8 Responses

  1. Somebody help me up, I was bowing down to The Overlord and my back went! 😀 You’ll love it Lori. You all will. I can’t wait to see what you all create!

    Jenn my daughter has that exact monkey, the one perched on his own near your shoulder. She too is monkey mad 🙂

  2. Welcome welcome welcome to all you lovely new alchemists! We are gonna have such FUN with all your varied creativity coming on board :o)

  3. Hmm, that was supposed to be a big smily face but ended up as a kinda grimace. I’ll try again….. ;D

  4. Grrrr, I give up!

  5. So excited that you have joined us!

  6. CONGRATS, ladies!

  7. Welcome! We all look forward to having you work with us! NOW BACK TO THE LOCKERS…oops…forgot you were upgraded to closets… WITH YOU! 😀 AND GET TO WORK! ;*

  8. Woot woot, excited to see what you gals can do!

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