Romancing the Layout

Hi everyone! Maggi here with a dreamy romantical (What? It’s a word!) new layout by Alchemist Misty!

Romantic Mixed Media Scrapbook Layout

Misty says:
This time I created a layout of my husband and I. The picture was taken at a homecoming dinner for our soldiers who had been deployed. I kind of like this picture considering it was taken only a couple of weeks after having my baby girl. Unfortunately, neither of my kids ever slept and having two non sleeping kids at that time, meant that this mommy literally looked like a WALKING ZOMBIE most of the time! It was so bad I started getting optical migraines, which left me slightly blinded at times…but wait, I’m supposed to be talking about my layout not the trials of motherhood! 😉 Back to the subject now…

Mixed Media Flowers

To make this layout I took a piece of cardstock, cut out the “tears” and distressed the edges. Then I took each piece and Gesso’d them (Gesso’d it IS a word in my dictionary) and added some DIY mists in pink, yellow, and brown. Once the pieces were dry, I glued some yellow punchinella to the back of the middle piece.

(Originally, I thought I would add just enough punchinella to “peek” out from each side of the torn pieces but when I gave it a try, the results were kind of boring, so I decided to take a larger piece of the punchinella and ruffle it from one side…I decided that this made more of an impact.) At that point, I knew the lacing I intended to do would ruin the look of the punchinella so I decided to add some brads instead.

Ruffles Made from Punchinella

Then for the top pieces I added eyelets and wire lacing. I need a little more practice with this because the curve threw me off… Don’t look too closely because you will notice some wonky looking laces! Then I added scraps of Ouchless Cardboard under the tears.

From that point I knew I wanted to add some soft touches, so I pulled out a piece of pale pink lace and misted it in the three colors on the layout. By the way, if you haven’t purchased the Lace and Ribbon Variety Pack you really should! There are so many gorgeous and unique lace designs in that pack. I’ve not used them as much as I should because I’ve been hoarding them for those “perfect” projects. So I finally broke a piece out and added it to the middle of the background.
Vintage Lace for Scrapbooking
Then it was time to embellish! I embellished my frame with some pink crystals from the Pink Parts Mixed Media Color Kit and used white mesh from the Wedding Night White Mixed Media Color Kit. I added the wordlet, flourish, and frame from Scrap Fx. Then I topped it off with flowers. Most of them are handmade from book pages out of the Acme Kit, but I did sneak in a couple of petaloo flowers as well. I had tons of fun making this page!

Book Page Flowers

Great job Misty! A beautiful layout to remember romance and sleep deprivation! 😀

Now go glue something awesome onto some awesome something!

Maggi 😀

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8 Responses

  1. You look pretty good for someone suffering from sleep deprivation! This is SUCH a cool LO, Misty. I am in awe of all the techniques and ideas that you have. LOVE that wire lacing!

  2. Great layout— I really love all the details and inking!

  3. I love the colors you used misty! The flowers you made from book pages mixed in with the others are really fab and the ruffled punchinella with the brads is sweet!! wonderful layout.

  4. Misty this page is so KICK ASS!!! LOOK at that ruffled punchinella! AWESOME!!! I tried doing this by the way- the ripping a page up and putting it back together like in layers and FAILED MISERABLY!!! I bow to your scrappy powers!!

  5. Utterly, utterly gorgeous. I keep scrolling up to look again and drool a little into my keyboard. So much beautiful texture.

  6. Freakin’ gorgeous! Love the texture, layers and design! Misty you did a fantastic job! Hope it’s ok but I’m pinning this one under inspiration! TFS

  7. What can I say? I LOVE It! The colors the layers! Girl you MADE that punchinella bow to your will!!

  8. This is gorgeous! Love it, Misty!

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