Swimming With the Gumballs

Hi there! Scraps, here, with a bit of altered art for the home courtesy of Alchemist Misty!


diy bubble gum machine fish bowl

Misty: I found this idea on the Oh! Crafts blog, via Pinterest.

Supplies Needed:

Terre Cotta pot, with base
Wooden dolls and pins
A round bubble bowl

Instead of spray painting my bubble gum machine, I decided to cover it in a collage of papers from Foreign text for mixed media art and collage. Also instead of using the wooden doll for the handle on the lid I used a little wooden knob I found in the Its All Gravy, Baby! Brown Mixed Media Color Kit. Then I added aqua punchinella around the pot with Mod Podge.

Unfortunately, because of the shape of the pot, I couldn’t put the punchinella on very evenly.  In the end, after the Mod Podge had already dried, I decided I didn’t like the way the punchinella looked and tried ripping it off.  Of course, since it was glued on it wouldn’t come off entirely and left a layer of the punchinella behind.  Luckily, I kind of like the way it looked and decided not to cover it.

punchinella top

From there, I misted the lid and base with color.  Then added trim and gems around the pot, both came from the green with envy color kit. From that same kit I also added some black and green metallic looking flowers towards the top of the pot. Then to top it off I added gold beads from the banana hammock yellow kit, around the lid.

My kids absolutely love these and luckily, they are a lot of fun to make. This particular one holds my son’s betta fish!  Unfortunately, he didn’t like having his picture taken so he’s a little hard to see!


That looks like such a fun project!

Unfortunately, we’re received news that the fabulous fish bowl might have finally been too fabulous for the family fish. Guess he just couldn’t take all that sparkle.


~~In Memoriam~~
Blue the Betta Fish


Image Map

11 Responses

  1. lol…love the write up Jenn….and I can’t believe you made that cartoon! AWESOME!

  2. Brilliant gumball ‘machine’, Misty! I’m glad I’m not the only one to be ‘owned’ by my materials – that Punchinella wanted it all it’s own way!! Poor ol’ Blue :o(

    ps hehehehe, Misty in bunny slippers ;D

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  4. The cartoon is the icing on the cake, truly. This is a fantastic project, Misty! I never guessed it was a terra cotta pot on first glance!

  5. What a brilliant idea, super fun.

  6. Super cute, sorry about the betta… did you leave a way for air to get in/out? Bettas breathe air….

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  8. The fish probably died because beta fish need an open top for the oxygen.

  9. the way it stands should be extremely stable in the coming years. Sudan could be the logical masses for freestaking.com to be put to use

  10. Maybe your fish needed oxygen!

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