Past Alchemists

We owe a debt of gratitude to these fine artists who helped make Gauche Alchemy what it is today!

Past Designers

Carmen Wing, Team Member, 2010-2012
Yvonne Yam, Team Captain, 2010-2012
Ngaire Bartlam, Team Member, 2011
Lara Wineman, Team Captain, 2010-2011
Stephanie Jones, Team Captain 2010-2011
Nicole Maki, Team Captain, 2009-2010
Nina Patena, Team Captain, 2009-2010
Julie Kirk, Team Captain, 2009-2010
Merdrey Chew, Team Member 2010-2011
Kasandra Mello, Team Member 2010-2011
Pam Thorburn, Team Member 2010
Deb Hill, Team Member, 2010
Erika Taylor, Team Member, 2010

Guest Designer Hall of Fame

Lenna Young Andrews, Guest Designer, April 2012
Roni Johnson, Guest Designer, January 2012
Cat Kerr, Guest Designer, December 2011
Frieda Oxenham, Guest Designer, November 2011
July, Guest Designer, October 2011
Dina Wakley, Guest Designer, September 2011
Julia Stainton, Guest Designer, May 2011
Amy Tsuruta, Guest Designer, April 2011
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, Guest Designer, March 2011
Meredith Winston, Guest Designer, February 2011
Celeste Brodnik, Don’t be Scared Scrappers!, 2009
Nathalie Leonelli, Don’t be Scared Scrappers!, 2009
Pamela Mann, Don’t Be Scared Scrappers!, 2009
Merdrey Chew, Color Kits, 2009
Natasha Prymak, Color Kits, 2009
Maggi Flynn, Hot For Teacher, Fall 2009
Pam Thorburn, Pitching A Tent, Summer 2009
Mahlin Wiggur, Handsome Man, June 2009
Sylvie LeBlond, Happy Housewives, May 2009
Jill Geraghty-Groves, Shrine in a Box, March 2009
Glenda Tkalac, Geekery, February 2009
Susan Lui, Gams & Garters / Ball & Chain, January 2009
Nina Patena, Politically Correct Holiday, December 2008
Anne-Marie Teo, That’s the Ticket, November 2008
Candy Bonoan-Lagazon, Nevermore, October 2008
Andrea Davenport, Nevermore, October 2008

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