Swimming With the Gumballs

Hi there! Scraps, here, with a bit of altered art for the home courtesy of Alchemist Misty!


diy bubble gum machine fish bowl

Misty: I found this idea on the Oh! Crafts blog, via Pinterest.

Supplies Needed:

Terre Cotta pot, with base
Wooden dolls and pins
A round bubble bowl

Instead of spray painting my bubble gum machine, I decided to cover it in a collage of papers from Foreign text for mixed media art and collage. Also instead of using the wooden doll for the handle on the lid I used a little wooden knob I found in the Its All Gravy, Baby! Brown Mixed Media Color Kit. Then I added aqua punchinella around the pot with Mod Podge.

Unfortunately, because of the shape of the pot, I couldn’t put the punchinella on very evenly.  In the end, after the Mod Podge had already dried, I decided I didn’t like the way the punchinella looked and tried ripping it off.  Of course, since it was glued on it wouldn’t come off entirely and left a layer of the punchinella behind.  Luckily, I kind of like the way it looked and decided not to cover it.

punchinella top

From there, I misted the lid and base with color.  Then added trim and gems around the pot, both came from the green with envy color kit. From that same kit I also added some black and green metallic looking flowers towards the top of the pot. Then to top it off I added gold beads from the banana hammock yellow kit, around the lid.

My kids absolutely love these and luckily, they are a lot of fun to make. This particular one holds my son’s betta fish!  Unfortunately, he didn’t like having his picture taken so he’s a little hard to see!


That looks like such a fun project!

Unfortunately, we’re received news that the fabulous fish bowl might have finally been too fabulous for the family fish. Guess he just couldn’t take all that sparkle.


~~In Memoriam~~
Blue the Betta Fish


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Yvonne’s super cute, super last minute and super quick gift ideas!


yo yo yo and ho ho ho!

Ngaire  here with a couple of right quick and awesome ideas for  “past the last minute” super cute gifts you can make yourself! Courtesy of the cute and clever  Yvonne! So if you have realised it is boxing day.. and you still  have Christmas gifts you need to give.. READ ON!!!

First up, Yvonne  upcycled a free pin badge!

“…. glue some old book paper onto a pin badge, gesso  it and mist in pink and green. Add somepunchinella and embellishments from the cool and applause worthy mixed media kits... then seal everything with Glossy Accents.  and set aside to dry!”  EASY PEASY!!!

perefct for Christmas Crackers or stocking fillers!

Why not use this simple recipe with different colour combos and see how many you can make in an hour!

But wait!! there’s more…..

Yvonne also  upcycled a coffee mug container.! This is the lid you can see in close up here:


and here is  a “before and after “:

how cool is this???

the perfect gift tin for cookies.. or sweeties… or a handmade somethin’ somethin’. Grab yourself a mixed media kit or two, some napkins for the base patterns and lid background, and some gel medium, and go to town! You can use the same idea for glass bottles and tin cans too!

hope you were  still on the Fat Man’s  “nice” list!!!



The Alchemy (W)rap.

Season’s Greetings!

 Ngaire here with some fabulous ideas for a very Gauche Christmas!

Our Fearless Leader Amy has her gifts all wrapped and ready.. and just the teeniest bit gauche!

Get a load of these:

A strip or two of ouchless cardboard….

and  some lace.. … some punchinella ….

 some fibres… and some brown paper. ( the exact paper that your Gauche Goodness will come wrapped in.)

and you have got yourself some awesome parcel just begging to be opened!

Counting down now! How are YOU going with your prep?

Me.. I could use a few more days! LOl.:)

until next time.

to you.

Ngaire. out.


countdown to the 12 days of Christmas in style !

Hi , and Hello , and a very merry Ho ho ho to you, gentle reader.

Ngaire here…. this time bringing you   a gobsmaking holiday project from Chrissy the amazing. As we have established..I  adore Christmas.. and this fabulous idea made my heart sing when I saw it.:)

It’s “the Twelve days of Christmas goes up market and stylin’ ” , in a hanging garland of wonder! just LOOK at how beautiful it is!

Chrissy says: ” I have a huge stash of muslin, hemp and raffetta that I wanted to use
up.  And the only thing I managed to make a dent in was the raffetta!
I cut out my sack pattern and sewed it on my nifty handy dandy sewing
machine.  I cut up some Echo Park christmas paper I had left from last
year.  Ok.  Honestly.  I got it last year and never used it.  Good
thing though!”

“My glittery sparkly numbers are Amercan Crafts Thickers.  The red
rhinestones are from my awesomely awesome saucy red mixed media color
  I used a hefty amount of twine for accenting.  I stuffed my sacks with the
raffetta and let some of it peek out the tops of some of the bags.”

(A note from Chrissy: ***You could fill each bag with treats.  My kids have been fighting
non-stop.. so they get raffetta! 😉 ”

You can find a simple pattern for making the sacks here. 

am loving this project idea… and I think lollies would be fabulous in the bags… maybe  a different recipient could get a bag on each countdown day?  Or maybe you could get one each day yourself??

wishing you much crafty gift making and many organisational skillz this beautiful December! Until next time.



“Miss il-toe” or… “how to make a dolly from a dolly.

Hello , Happy holidays and such!

Ngaire here with a little tutorial on how you too can make your own festive art dolly.. out of stuff you may already have around the home!  WOOT!

I have been playing around with the fabulous December Knick Knack  kit.. and one of the many surprises inside was this little miss. I love making dolls and was a handsewn teddy bear artist in a former life.. ( my early thirties..)

take one dolly from the curio kit and a small tree..

so when I saw her I instantly wanted to cut her up…( in the nicest way possible,  of course.. just call me Dexter. *snort*) and so ..I did.

this wont hurt a bit...

I just used a craft knife.. but be careful…. they are sharp and the plastic is hard!

Next I coloured her in .. with a sharpie.. makes it so easy  and it is permanent (so go slow as you colour.).. on her hair, and her arms.. I did her legs too, but ended up not using them.. (I have saved them for my next Dr Frankenstein project.)

time for a change...

after letting all the bits dry.. I  added a little collar of lace, jammed her head onto the tree top and added a daub of glue to keep it there. ( I made a hole in her neck for the tree to go into, I used an awl to do this.)  You may need to trim the top of your tree so the bits work together.

**** Remember you arent limited to a small tree to make a dolly from.. a bauble, a star, a vintage decoration or a glass bottle will make a perfectly delightful  and  little odd dolly too. ( and you KNOW how I am loving the odd!) ****

so then you have this: or at least .. something vaguely similar..

she's perfectly "armless.

Then I set upon her little self with my craft hot glue gun and popped her arms into place.

nearly there!

While I had the glue out, I glued on a string of plastic beads to add to her “decorative-ness”.  You could also add beads or buttons or tiny tinsel.

You can also make her a headpiece, or a crown, or a star hat ? what ever takes your fancy..


and then if you truly have nothing better to do.. you can sew a cute stocking for her to hold onto..

this is about 1 inch long.. yes i know.. madness!

and there you are.. one slightly creepy and amazingly festive dolly… ready to freak out your loved ones and scare the cat.

no….  YOU are welcome!

until next time..

least I am not on that list by myself..



“Knick Knack Paddy Whack ” Kit.: Christmas shadow boxing.

what could this be?

Hi , and ho ho ho ho..

Ngaire here, welcoming you  to December at Gauche Alchemy.. where we offer a wee bit of  seasonal inspiration, every other day!

Today I want to share this amazing kit with you.. the “Knick Knack Paddy Whack”  mixed media kit  . Can you say MUST HAVE!!!!!?

I loved this the moment I saw it all. (loads of fabulous bits and pieces for you to sigh over...) and instantly knew what I wanted to do with it.

this is a piccy  of the kit when I opened it:

so much to play with . where do I start???

I loev the blues and naturals in the kit.. and I knew that I wanted to make it Christmassy ( although it would work for just about any “occasion” or art style you could come up with.. It is THAT versatile, my friends!)..anyhoo for me at this time of the year it is ALL about Christmas… (I am a festive season junkie…) and this is what I came up with:

"Christmas Memories"

To begin…. I covered the box inside and out with a slap of frosted blue/green  ( Making Memories sea foam) paint.. and set about making a mini shrine to the Silly Season.

and then I just went the teeniest bit NUTSO with the little “rooms” of the box.. and themed each “room” to a particular  Holiday memory or tradition.

soo.. we have the toy room: with a little rocking horse.. and a flying butterfly..

I have had this plastic rocking horse for years, so cute for this project.

and we have the card room.. with a teeny mail box ( this came in my kit, I painted it red  ..doesn’t it make the BEST mailbox?!) and lots of  wee envelopes…

sending cards all over the world, and receiving them too.

and a tradition that we have always enjoyed… ever since my girls were wee ones.. milk and cookies for “Santa”.. ( me.. ahem.).

milk and cookies, and a santa key for the front door.

The white plate ( game chip) came from the white mixed media kit.. .you can see that here.  The key was in the Knick Knack kit too.. and the cookie is a brown flower button . The coffee is a doll sized toy. ( I added some glitter to the coffee foam, because I COULD!)

I will add another post soon  with a small tutorial on how to make the Christmas tree dolly,  you can see  her good self here :

the side of the shadow box, and "Miss Il-toe" the Christmas Dolly.

and you can see all the images of this project right  here on our Pinterest Board.

until next we meet…


start decking those halls…



love and babies and all the good stuff!

sweet baby card.

Hi and hey and hello there!

 Ngaire here with a couple of fast as lightning  and super delightful projects from the one and only Yvonne!

First up… see the darling card above   there?  Yvonne made   the sweetest baby quick card using Ouchless Cardboard for a little texture. The soft colours are so pretty , and I LOVE the string tied over the button.welcome

and then there is this little swinging beauty…

ooooh pretty!!!!!

Yvonne created this  hanging mobile using an upcycled gift box as a frame and our fabulous  Wedding Night White Mixed Media Color Kit.

just  LOOK at the goodies in this baby:

doesnt it make you want to just make stuff????

mmm. or you could just run your fingers through it and give it a fondle…..


right then.

Ngaire signing off till next time with a thought for the day…