Washi Thank You Card

Good morning everyone!  Marilyn here with a quick project from our very own Mama Amy.  She has created a wonderful “Thank You” card that I believe you will love.  Amy, please tell us how you made this beautiful bright and happy card.

Washi Tape Thank You Card

I begin the card by laying down drywall tape as the base, then layered floral washi tape from our Green Washi Tape Combo Pack and aqua striped tape from our Diagonal Stripes Washi Combo Pack over it.  Next came some Heidi Swap neon letters and Basic Grey chipboard pieces.  Lastly I inked the edges and chalked over the drywall a bit.

Washi Tape Envelope

For the envelope, I added chevron washi tape from the Green Washi Tape Combo Pack to give me a decorative area in which to write in the mailing address.

This card was done for a special person whose very kindness brought tears to my eyes.


Amy, thank you for a wonderful, thoughful card.  It’s so great that you were able to repay a great kindness with one of your own.  Anyone would be thrilled to receive the beautiful card you have created.  Plus, I LOVE the chicken!

Until later…………………….

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Review: Pasticcio Quartz art zine

Hello ladies and gents! Amy here, and I have the honor and delightful pleasure of reviewing the latest copy of Sarah Fishburn and Angela Cartwright‘s art zine Pasticcio Quartz.  The latest edition is Issue 9, Spring 2010.

Would you like to WIN a copy of Issue 9?  We we’ll be choosing a winner Thursday morning, so please comment on this post for your chance to thumb through this lovely lovely – compliments of Sarah and Angela.

I will admit that I’m not the most well-versed reader on the zine scene… but I can say that most zines I’ve managed to get ahold of are self-published black-and-white versions.  Delightful as they are, it’s a breath of fresh air to get a slick, colorful paperback booklette, especially when the contents are so yummy and luscious that you just have to pore over every single page (52 of them, to be precise).

Let me walk you through this issue, bit by bit…

The zine features equal parts artwork and articles.  I can tell you that my blog feedreader is bursting even fuller at the seams since scanning through this latest issue, which focuses on ADORNMENT.  Embellishments galore – and who doesn’t love that?  Among the varied offerings: digital art, mixed media, collage, oil and acrylic painting, pen and ink drawings on plywood, jewelry, metalsmithing, fabric and stitching – and of course, contributions from the editors themselves.  Each page is full color and boasts a plethora of eye candy – yes, even the articles are printed on backgrounds that invite careful scrutiny.

Among the featured artists:

DJ Pettitt

Lynden St. Victor

Amanda Blake (her contribution makes my heart hurt – that’s how bad I want to hang it on my wall!)

Joe Carrion

Paul Murray

Diana Frey

Cecilia Swatton

Tawnya Romig-Foster

Tim Mitoma

Roxanne Stout

Colin Gerety (Sarah’s hubby!)

Megan Gray (her contribution also makes my heart hurt… *sigh* pitterpatter pitterpatter)

Stephanie Lee

Connie Freedman (Angela’s ac studio9 partner)

Krista Silvia Raak

Pearl Red Moon

Patricia Ayres

Nina Bagley

Riki Schumacher (gasp!)

In addition to the amazing artwork, you will find a multitude of quotes – from this year’s Oscar contenders to quotes about adornments – articles about calligraphy, steampunk, charms, buttons, and book reviews.  (I have to say, I happened across a book review by Sarah on Amazon.com, and her [very accurate] review tipped me over into knowing I *had* to have the book – it’s a good one – Re-Bound: Creating Handmade Books from Recycled and Repurposed Materials.  I’m glad I trusted her judgement on that one!)

We are also treated to a couple of kick-ass tutorials (one by a favorite artist of mine, Judy Wise) and an article by the one and only Suzi Blu.  There’s a full page of awesome links to the most awesome stuff, and a couple of profiles about artists whose artwork lives on though they have passed – both of whom I was not acquainted with before, and both well worth knowing.

The best thing about an art zine is knowing that it is the vision of unique artists just like us.  As much as we adore the mags with wide publication and big budgets (and they are ALL OVER the Somerset/Stampinton pubs, as well – Angela even has her own paper line with them), there’s nothing like holding a bit of personal love from a couple of talented women in our very own community.  If you’re inclined to agree, get your hiney on over to this link and pick up a few back issues while waiting for the release of Pasticcio Quartz 10!  Issue 10 will be available in the Fall – be sure to sign up for their e-mail announcement if you don’t want to miss it.

Let me tell you a little bit about Angela and Sarah.  Nicole introduced us to Sarah Fishburn last Wednesday.

Sarah has been one of my favorite producers of eye candy for the past few years, and hers is the site to which I generally point people when asked, “What’s mixed media art?”  Her work has been widely published in a whole buncha books, and she and Angela have written a couple of books together: In This House and In This Garden.  (I hear this is only the beginning for this series!)  Imagine my delight to discover that she is as sweet and accessible as any fan could hope!

And now let’s talk about Angela.  Angela is an artist, author, photographer, mom of two, clothing and jewelry designer, and former actress of some fame.  (She was Brigitta in the 1964 film version of The Sound of Music, was on Make Room for Daddy for its 7-season run, and played Penny Robinson on Lost in Space.  I hadn’t realized!)

Although I somehow didn’t make the connection between Angela and Brigitta, what I *do* know Angela for is her fabulous book Mixed Emulsions: Altered Art Techniques for Photographic Imagery.  She also conceived the concept for and contributed to the book Transparent Art, all about using transparencies to amazing effect.  (You can also see Sarah’s work in this volume published by Somerset.)

I’ve learned that any project with which these two are associated indicates a project I’m likely to enjoy.  Here are some more publications entirely worthy of your perusal – you’ll see more of their delicious work and meet other fabulous artists along the way:

True Colors: a Palette of Collaborative Art Journals

Alphabetica: an A-Z Creativity Guide for Collage and Book Artists

Altered Books, Collaborative Journals, and Other Adventures in Bookmaking

Artist Trading Card Workshop: Create, Collect, Swap

The Savvy Crafter’s Guide to Success: Turn Your Crafts into a Career

The Gauche Alchemy Challenge #1

We have SO MANY amazing artists that contribute to the Gauche Alchemy community we would like to issue a challenge to see what you can do! This will be a monthly feature here on the blog and we are so excited to see everyone’s fabulous creations and different takes on the challenges posted!

Challenge #1: Use this brilliantly Gauche ad, courtesy of Vintage Scans to inspire a mixed-media masterpiece!

Link up to here by Midnight EST on Sunday April 26 and we will choose a winner by random who will win the awesome Wholey Sheets kit!
For bonus chances to win if you post about the challenge somewhere else and let us know, your name will be entered in an additional time!
AND an additional bonus – upload your creation to our Flickr group for yet one more entry!

Now, for some inspiration: let’s see what some of your fabulous design team came up with:

Angela used the ad as inspiration to do a layout about her grandmother. Angela says, “Grace Pauline Harris, who we lost in 2007, was a spitfire – never slowed down until the very end. Now that she has passed, I believe that she is my muse, forever looking over my shoulder and inspiring me.

I knew I was going to do this layout the second I saw the Wholey Sheet kit and ACME Mixed Media kit had both a bingo and a Rook card in it – my grandmother’s two favorite games. I created the layout background by gluing wallpaper included in my kit to the corrugated cardboard using Modge Podge. I let it dry overnight, and then sanded it. Man, it created a wicked cool texture!”


Maggi decimated her Wedding Night White Color Kit and her Black Out Color Kit to create this standing billboard. She also played with her Bombshell Stamps to give it that extra kick!


Yvonne used the Pink Parts Color Kit and a spritz of Red Velvet Glimmer Mist to create this adorable “Pink Pls” layout.


Stephanie pulled together bits and pieces from her Pink Parts Color Kit and Winter Slush Blue Kit. That fabulous car (from Bombshell Stamp’s Speed Shop Set) is clear embossed on white cardstock – sprayed with Glimmer Mist – Red Velvet Glimmer Mist and Patina Glimmer Mist finishing it off with acrylic paint smudged around edges….


Erika made this piece using just about the whole Gauche Alchemy Artfire store!
All of the texture is done with Delta Gesso. Then sprayed with an assortment of Glimmer Mist. Inked up with Fired Brick Red Distress Ink and StazOn Jet Black, highlighted stamped image with her Inkssentials White Opaque Pen and then finished off with pieces from her Scarlet Fever Red Color kit and Wedding Night White Color Kit.


Remember – you have until Sunday night to create something all your own and link us up!
We’re so excited to see what y’all come up with!!!!!!!

National Craft Month Winners!

Hiya all! Nina here. Just dropping by to say congrats, congrats to the awesome new team here at Gauche Alchemy. You girls are just so amazing and will definitely be stalking the blog watching out for tons of inspiration from you.

Now on to announcing our National Craft Month give-away winners!

* For Sherry Goodloe’s awesome giveaway HERE:

Rinda, on March 6, 2010 at 10:10 am Said: Edit Comment

That is beautiful! I love collage, art journaling, scrapbooking and card-making. I would love to learn how to knit. Thanks for the terrific give-away.

* For my paper giveaway HERE:

Jingle, on March 11, 2010 at 6:42 am Said: Edit Comment

This is amazing!!! I posted about it on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/JustJingle?ref=nf

* For Melanie Testa’s giveaway HERE:

Marsha Leith, on March 19, 2010 at 3:47 pm Said:

I like spirals and the thing I like most about Melanie’s work is the buildup, layer by layer to produce a complex image. I always wonderered why my work looks dull, and I think it is because of the lack of depth to my qullts since they arereally only 1 layer. My goal is to try to learn more about the layering techniques.

So there you go! Congrats, congrats to our giveaway winners and do contact us at gauchealchemy@cox.net for your contact details.

Have a wonderful day, everyone! See you around!



Brown color kit naming contest

Hey sweetie blog readers:

Now it’s time to name the BROWN color kit.

brown kit spilled

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know the drill – but I’ll reiterate for the newbies.

The name should be gauche – you know, rude/crude/socially unacceptable.  Don’t hold back.  Let US decide if it’s too nasty or “out there!”  Give us your best!

Post about this giveaway on your blog and get an extra entry.  The drawing will be random.  Best suggestion will win the fame and everlasting kudos in the form of seeing their name up in lights on our ArtFire shop!

My suggestion is “Camel Toe!”  *snicker* *snicker*  Beat that!

(I can just imagine the potty jokes…)

Blog Candy, Eye Candy, and Pub Candy

Before I get down to biznatch, an announcement:


I had wondered why our previous demand for punchinella petered out. Seems that the listing disappeared from our ArtFire shop. No idea how that happened. Anyway, punchinella (or sequin waste, as it’s sometimes known) is again available!


Okay, so I made up that phrase.

Here’s the news: There will be an article all about about US in the September 1st issue of Scrap n’ Art eZine, which is fanTAStic online mag.

Whoo-hoo! I can hardly wait to see what their designers did with our schtuff.

The ‘Zine is totally slick and beautiful – just like looking through any paper published magazine. I was certainly impressed when first I wandered into their scrappy, arty territory. They also give away a TON of stuff from their sponsors! I loves me some free stuff.

Anyway, the subs are TOTally cheap – only, like, 10 buck for a whole year (6 issues). They give you a FREE (there’s that word again) preview download so you can see what you’re in for (nom, nom, nom – yumminess).


We currently have THREE giveaways going on – 1) Orange color kit naming, 2) Poll about your can’t-do-without art supplies, and 3) Graphic 45 giveaway!

Hmmm… I think I’ll have a wonderful smack-in-the-face giveaway day this weekend… Saturday? That might be a good time. So take your opportunity to participate before the weekend comes. They are open until I actually post the winners. Take that!


Here is a lovely project from Yasu using our Pitching a Tent kit! She is so fabulously talented – I am a die-hard fan. Because her work is to DIE for! HAHAHAHAHAhahaha…ha…ha… okay, so it wasn’t that funny.

Her son’s preschool class is named “Green Frogs.” She tells me he’s now advanced to “Blue Horses.” 🙂

outdoors yasu green frogs

outdoors yasu frogs2

outdoors yasu frogs3

outdoors yasu frogs4

outdoors yasu frogs5

She called these “vermin” on her site. I thought that was hysterical! 😀
outdoors yasu frogs6

Graphic 45 Giveaway!

To all the good little boys and girls who followed my instructions to come back today, let me richly reward you for your patience and loyalty (and respecting [my] authority *snark*).

If you have not heard of Graphic 45, the FIRST thing I have to say to you is: Where the hell have you BEEN? Got your head in the toilet?!

The second thing I have to say is: You simply must check them out. ‘Cuz they rock so hard I pretty much lose my balance. The world stops spinning on its axis. And pigs fly (or maybe they’re hurtled up into the sky because, you know, the earth stopped spinning on its axis and all).

Oh, and they have a blog, too!

Graphic 45 has FOUR mid-release lines out:
Christmas Past
Domestic Goddess
Renaissance Faire

So here’s the deal. Graphic 45 has donated a FULL LINE of both Transatlantique AND Renaissance Faire! How EXCITING is that? (I’m pretty excited. I think I peed.)

telling us what you wish you knew how to do, project-wise. You know – if you want to learn how to use beeswax or draw faces… whatever. IF YOU LINK US UP, leave a comment with the link, and you’ll get TWO entries.

Here are the full pages I sneaked on Friday. Click the links to goggle at the entire line.

Renaissance Faire
g45 renasance

g45 renaissance.

g45 transatlantique

g45 transatlantique2

A big thanks to Candy Rosenberg, Graphic 45 Marketing Director and Senior Educator (and favor-doer extraordinaire for us gals here at Gauche Alchemy). Go to her blog here. She’s got some great stuff, and she’s on a bunch of design teams, too – rightly so. 🙂