Gauche Alchemy + Paper Issues = TOTAL AWESOMENESS!

Hallooooo out there!  This is Chrissy to let you in on an awesome collaboration we are participating in!  For the next two weeks, the Paper Issues crew is doing an awesome theme that gets you to think outside of your comfort zone and guess who has eight thumbs and is sponsoring! That’s right! We are!  Here are some awesome projects from a few of the Paper Issues gals (and you’ll probably recognize two of them, our own Gauche Mama, Chrissy and our Newsletter Overlord, Lori!

We also have news of an awesome giveaway on the Paper Issues blog and a 30% off coupon code for our very own sweet shop!  For the Paper Issues giveaway, just head on over to Paper Issues and become a follower as well as “like” their Facebook page.  Here’s the awesomeness you’ll be in the running for:

Now for our awesome little coupon offer.  Just go into the Gauche Alchemy shop anytime between now and the 27th to take advantage of the 30% off coupon.  Upon checkout, use coupon code PAPERISSUES2012 to get 30% off your order!  This excludes the ACME Kit subscriptions though.

Be sure to check out all of the amazing mixed media projects over at Paper Issues and we would love it if you linked up your projects with them as well as within our Flickr group!




Heather and Amy here, excited to share with you a deal that you won’t want to miss!  You know that Bare Nekkid kit you’ve had your eye on…

…or that Hot for Teacher kit that would be perfect for your crafty sister?

Well, from NOW UNTIL FRIDAY, you will save 25% off every item in our entire shop!  No coupon code is necessary; just stop in the store!  Everything has already been marked down for your shopping delight and convenience!


We are also happy to send gifts to a third party in one of our signature Gauche Alchemy pizza boxes (and wrapped in a gorgeous lace ribbon)!  Just leave us a note when you place your order, or email us at to give us a head’s up with any instructions or details.


Now go shopping and support independent businesses!  We thank you for your support!



Gearing up for the Holidays with Yvonne

A brief announcement: Our Cyber Monday sale today is $15 off any order $35 or more.  Use coupon code CYBERMON15 at checkout on our ArtFire shop.  That code is only good TODAY and can’t be used with any other code.  But until Xmas, you can use code HOLIDAYS2010 for a free mixed media color kit with any order $30 or more – and you can use that as many times as you want!

Also, we’ve got GIFT CERTIFICATES, and if you haven’t noticed, you can put any of our items on your Amazon Wish list (when you are in the item view page, look right under the big yellow “Add to ArtFire Cart” button – there is a little link to put it on your Amazon Wish List).



Hi there! It’s Yvonne! How are your X’mas gifts coming along? I would love to share a few projects I made recently! 🙂

First up is this decorated letter K. For my friend Karen.


Had some fun painting and misting the base. And this translucent Punchinella is now my fave! It adds wonderful texture to the piece!

Next is a cute card…yes, I have a thing for giraffes…

Giraffe thanks card

Merdrey, you are so right, the Ouchless Cardboard should be added to everything! 🙂

Last but not least is this repurposed box. For my friend Lynnda.

Treasure sweetness

I used Ouchless Cardboard for the base…added Punchinella and bits from the various Mixed Media Color Kits.

What creative projects have you been busy with?

Introducing Challenge Central

Hello all. Amy here. Before I get started telling you about a fantastic new site, just a reminder – it’s the second day of our two-day sale. Here are the details:
We are having a TWO-DAY-ONLY summer sale at the ArtFire shop! Use these codes (one or the other, please – not both):
20% off your ENTIRE order! code: SUMMERSALE
Free shipping (U.S. and Canada only)! code: FREESHIP610

Gauche Alchemy was given the opportunity to assist in the development of a new site that makes it totally easy to determine which challenges are happening in cyberspace and which you might want to participate in.  I, for one, love challenges, as well as all the hob-nobbing with other creative types and the potential to win fabulous prizes.  It’s just a good concept all around.  For me, though, sometimes by the time I get a chance to sit down and do a challenge, I’m so far out of the loop and don’t know what’s available and where.

Tell me if this sounds familiar.  I head to my art area, ready to delve into some challenges.  Laptop open, I hit a challenge site.  The prompt doesn’t appeal to me, so I move along.  I hit another challenge site.  That challenge is closed already and the next one hasn’t been posted yet.  So, I hit another challenge site, which looks like fun, but it requires the use of a particular product, which I don’t happen to have on hand.  Pretty soon, 40 minutes have passed, and instead of feeling inspired, I’m feeling frustrated.

Now, I know some of you are more on-the-ball than I am and regularly participate with a couple of challenge sites.  But wouldn’t it be nice to discover new challenges and communities that really get your mojo running?  Or how about the possibility to easily determine “cross-challenging” possibilities?  i.e., one project that can be entered in more than one challenge…

Challenge Central is the answer, folks.  You gotta check this out – and if you agree that it is truly a fantastic idea, please share with all your creative friends.  The more participation there is here, the better it gets, and the more we artsy-fartsy types can spend with our ART instead of looking for challenges that suit our fancy.  It’s free advertising for the challenge site owner and only requires a brief form be filled out when posting a challenge.  They can even post future challenges, if their schedule has been determined, which will automatically appear on the site on the appropriate date.

Best yet, if you think the site can be improved in any way, just dash an e-mail off to – the site is still in beta, which means that changes and improvements are ongoing (although it is fully functional as of now).  For the challenge site owner, participation in this beta period gets an entry into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate at the end of the beta period.

What are you waiting for?  Go check it out! If you like what you see, please get the word out – join the Challenge Central Facebook page, Tweet, blog (there’s link button code available on the site for your sidebar)!  As participation increases, so do the number of yummy challenges you have to choose from!

Naughty Nerds need Love too!

Pardon the terribly cheesy song reference– I just couldn’t help it!  Heather here, just wanting to share a little morsel of geeky, crafty paper love.  When looking back on 2009 in Gauche Alchemy land, I have to say that our Geekery main kit and add-on kit were among my very favorites!  The tweedy patterns and textures, the original artwork by Arizona artist Roy, the gears, the flashcards…I could go on and on.  It just made my little nerdy heart melt!

Here is a layout I created using that delightfully geeky kit, featuring my daughter and her favorite stuffed dog, Mop:

In honor of the bit o’ geek in all of us, we will be offering 20% off the Geekery Main kit as well as the add-on kit until Friday, January 15th!  **WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!**  Just enter coupon code IM A GEEK (no punctuation) when checking out from our Artfire shop to automatically receive your discount!!!

We’re thankful for sales!

We’re having a Cyber Monday sale over on our ArtFire shop!

Most of us are familiar with Black Friday, I gather – the crazy shopping day after Thanksgiving in preparation for the commercialism of the winter holidays!  You may or may be aware that the online version of this crazy day of sales is called “Cyber Monday.”  Amazing what folks come up with to push consumption, huh?  😀

Okay, I’m not anti-capitalist.  Promise.  To prove it, use this coupon code when you order from our ArtFire shop from now through Monday, and get 20% off your entire order!


We’re feeling generous – we’re kind of wacky that way.  You just may find an extra little something packaged up with your order.  😉


Not shopping for yourself?  Hoping for the best when opening your own presents this year?

Put us on your AMAZON WISH LIST!  You know your friends and loved ones like to be pointed in the right direction – help them out.

This button is located in the price box on the upper right side of each listing page.  Simple as that!

We have lots of fun (and lots of kits) in store for December!  If you don’t already have us on your feed reader, might want to consider it – you won’t want to miss a bit of this.


Bombshell Stamps are the bomb dot com

Here’s something to be REALLY excited about. We are once again partnering with Bombshell Stamps and providing part of the prize for their Nautical Contest. You have until August 15, 2009 to enter! You will have to use at least one Bombshell Stamp – that will be like torture or something. “Please, not that briar patch!”

BTW, I believe we still have ONE Gams and Garters kit, which includes some really bitchin’ Bombshell Stamps. So kill one bird with two stones… wait. Oh, just buy the last Gams kit, and you’ll have a whole mess of great stuff.

If you aren’t the lucky buyer of our last Gams kit, you could always go here and get one of the discounted Nautical themed Bombshell Stamps sheets. Or go here for other stamps, some of which are also discounted. The stamps used in the contest don’t have to be the Nautical Stamps.

Oh, oh, oh! Here’s another fantastic piece of news!
Bombshell Stamps has a design team call going on right NOW!

Another piece of news: sign up for the Bombshell Stamps newsletter and you’ll be entered into a sweepstakes for a $100 shopping spree if you SIGN UP BEFORE JULY 4.

As if you’re not overly excited, here’s a hint about our upcoming July kit. Feel free to leave a comment with your guess.

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