How To Make Your Own Spray Mists

Hi everyone! Maggi here with our newest tutorial, brought to you courtesy of Alchemist Misty. Today Misty is going to teach you how to make your own mists. Misty’s Mists are a great way to get a wide range of colors in your mists collection at a fraction of the cost. Take it away, Misty!  (That paragraph sets the world record for the most use of the word, “Mist”.)


Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to layer on the ink, paints and mists on my projects. Unfortunately, I found myself being very frugal with my misting because it seemed like I could go through half a bottle on one project! At $7-$8 a bottle, it was really tough trying not to break the bank just to satisfy my love for misting. So I was determined to find cheaper ways to make it happen. I tried the paint, pearlex and glue idea, and while it got me through some broke times, it just didn’t come close to being as good as some of the big name mists.

Homemade Mist in Action

Misty used her collection of homemade mists on this art journal cover.

So I kept looking and recently, while searching through the paint department at my local Hobby Lobby, I came across Dr. Ph. Martins bombay india inks. The package said that they would work on most any surface and could be used for stamping, calligraphy and airbrushing…oh, and they were archival safe. I figured why not try to make some mists with it. So, with my 40% off coupon in hand I ended up getting 12-.5 oz bottles of ink for less than $20.

Aside from these inks being fairly inexpensive, I love them for two big reasons. For one, they are a permanent, waterproof ink. I love this, because I am one to layer…and layer…and layer! Unfortunately, when I would use other mists, I would have problems with the colors smearing and running together when adding my layers (even if I let that first layer dry completely).

Here’s a comparison of my homemade mists (on the left) and store bought mists (on the right):

Store Bought vs Homemade Mist Comparison

With the Dr. Ph Martin inks, the ink dries faster and even if I layer while my paper is still wet it usually doesn’t mix together making a mucky mess. So that is my biggest reason for loving them. My second reason is because I can make my mists as light or as dark as I want them to be…and I can alter some of the colors by mixing them together to make my own custom colors. Plus, I had 3 or 4 different colors of perfect pearl pigment laying in my stash that I was rarely using. It is a perfect way to add different colors of shimmer to my mists.

So here’s what you need:

Make Your Own Mists
-Small spray bottle.
-Dr. Ph. Martins Bombay India Ink set
-Rangers perfect pearl pigment (if you want to add shimmer)
-Small paint brush

I used a 2oz spray bottle and filled it up only about a 1/3 of the way full with water. I feel that if I do it in small amounts its easier to control the vibrancy of the color and I can always add water if its darker than I would like. Plus, I think it helps me to keep tabs on how low my ink is getting so I will know when to restock.

Once I’ve added the water, I choose my ink and start adding it to the water with a dropper (one comes in the package of inks). I like rich, vibrant color so I usually add about 3 ink droppers full to get the color that I desire. Sometimes if I’m just wanting a small tint of difference, I might add another color but usually not more than half of the dropper full at a time, because it can drastically change the color! I personally have just used the ink like this and loved it but sometimes I just like to have some shimmer, so that’s where the perfect pearls come in.

If you like a project, to glisten you can easily add it with perfect pearls pigment. Just scoop up some pigment onto the end of a small paintbrush and drop it into your mist, then shake it from side to side and its ready to be tested. If you try it and decide you want more shimmer, just add another scoop. See! It’s so easy!

Homemade Mists

Another awesome usage of homemade mists!


Now go glue something awesome onto some awesome something!

Maggi 😀

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Paint Messin’ with Cheryl

Hi everyone! Maggi here to present the newest video from our own Alchemist Cheryl!

Today, Cheryl is getting messy with paint and plastic bags. She shares a great technique that you will definitely want to use on the background of your next project!

Now, get out your paints and plastic bags, give this technique a try and then go glue something awesome onto it! 😀


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Chrissy’s Cabochon DIY


Michelle here!

Imagine my deeply felt chagrin when Christina revealed that she had made her own beautiful cabochons for half the price! What’s more? The ones she made were better!

Luckily Chrissy will now share how she did it with us- WIN!


Here’s the down and dir-tay on my latest addiction, making my very own cabochons with silicone molds.  I’ve seen cabochons in shops and I loooooove ’em.  But the truth is, I can’t afford to buy them all up!

Thanks to my crafty friend Jess, I was introduced to these silicon molds sold through MoldMuse on Etsy.  The molds are ridiculously easy to use and the best part, besides their reasonable price tag, is that you don’t need a releasing agent once the cabochon is finished baking!  Talk about awesome for babe on a budget!


Christina used Sculpey clay to make her DYI cabochons.

Never fear because this Mama is here to show you lovely femme fatales how to use them!  Grab a mimosa, adjust your thigh highs, sit back and soak it aaaaall in!

The very first thing you wanna do is grab your supplies.  All you need is a preheated oven (275 degrees F), any bake-able polymer clay (I used Sculpey), and the mold of your choosing.  I used Big Open Rose, Lolita, and a Frame.

You may need to work the clay a bit to soften it up.  Once it’s softened, roll it into a ball.

Next, mash it down in there.  And I mean MAAAAASH it down.  Don’t worry.  Your buffed up arms from those gym workouts or wine glass curls aren’t going to damage the molds any.  It is absolutely important to make sure you get that clay down into the crevices.  You don’t want any airbubbles in there because then your cabochon will either break or come out looking less than stellar.

Once your clay is worked down in there, you may need to add a little bit more to fill the mold up to the edge of the cutout.  Add it using the same method as before.  Roll it into balls then mash your balls ::snort:: into the mold.  You don’t want any excess over the edge of the mold because you’ll end up with a lip on the finished product that you’ll have to file off.

Once your mold is filled, set it aside.

If that’s all you plan on doing, then go on ahead and pop that bad boy in the oven.  Heat it according to the directions on the Sculpey clay packaging.  I baked mine for about 16-17 minutes depending on how thick the cabochon is.

You can also carefully take the molded clay out of the mold and set it on a foil covered cookie sheet and make more cabochons then bake them as a batch.

Now, if you decided to get the Big Open Rose mold, here’s how to do a 2-toned cabochon.

Fill your mold just as you would a “regular” mold.  The only difference is that you don’t fill it completely with one color.

Leave the area with the leaf imprints blank.

Next, fill the empty section where the leaves are, fill it with the second color you want to use.  Fill it in sections, one leaf at a time, using small balls ::snicker:: of clay.

If you are baking the clay in the molds, then just pop them all in the oven as is.

Once they are all done baking, let them cool in their molds completely.

Once they have cooled, pop those li’l baddies out and admire!


LOVE these colors!

Molds used:

Big Open Rose:

Lolita Cameo:  (

Cabochon Setting Frame:

So what do you think? I think we’re up to the challenge! If you decide to take the plunge and try this out for yourself be sure to drop by and leave a link to your blog here so we can admire you handi work!

Chells out!

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Image Transfer With Wendy

Hi everyone! Maggi here with a new tutorial by past GA designer Wendy! Making image transfers is one of my personal favorite things to do and you don’t even need fancy tools or supplies to do it.  In this awesome video, Wendy shows us how to make image transfers using regular old packing tape.

Thanks Wendy! If you use this technique on your next project, we’d love to see the results! Share a link in your comment below or upload it to our Flickr group!

Now go glue something awesome onto some awesome something!

Maggi 😀

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Elina’s 3D Paper Napkin Mixed Media Video

Hello, Michelle here!

Elina always surprises me with her ingenious takes on mixed media techniques! In this video she whips up a beautiful canvas using Gauche Alchemy’s Paper Napkin Art Kit. I saw this and ran right to my desk to give it a try!

What do you think? Awesome, no?

Happy creating!

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Happy New Year! A quick peek back at projects from 2011

Hello there!

Michelle here!

I’m being distracted right now by the outrageous purr of Mae West in some random movie- that’s what I love about New Years- the movie marathons!

A.NY.WAY… today I want to share some of our past design efforts to celebrate the closing of another year. I had a hard time choosing just 1 favorite from each designer so I will show you something from each that used Gauche products in fun ways.

First up: Cheryl with a wonderful video showing us how to use Punchinella 7 different ways:

That whole putting the punchinella in the oven thing blew my brain right up- it’s so PUNK ROCK!!

What you THINK is a regular ol’ mint tin in Christina‘s purse is actually a homage to past relatives! Cue the creepy music: TUN TUN TUUUUUUN!!!

This smashing Day of The Dead tin from Christina- beads, buttons and punchinella- OH MY!

Cheryl, Chrissy and I all used the Gauche Alchemy Punchinella ribbon variety pack in our projects. Here is my first Gauche Alchemy project and one of my all time favorite pages ever.

My own totally random page using punchinella, the Wedding Night White Mixed Media Color Kit and whatever was cluttering my desktop at the time.

I LOVE the metal bits you find in the mixedmedia color kits. I used up all the upholsery tacks I found in both the Black Out and Wedding White Night Mixed Media Color kits on this page.

Past Gauche blog writer Ngaire made these BEAUTIFUL Christmas deer decorations with pre made forms, sari fabric ribbon and cord and LOTS of patience- SPECTACULAR!

In the project below Yvonne used paper from the Monstruous Mutant Robots from Outer space kit. The red reflector and “blah” sticky note are from the Scarlet Fever Red Mixed Media Color Kit.

This totally fun page is from resident simplicity and design expert Yvonne. I love that paper from Bam POP! but never knew exactly how to use it without having it compete with my photos- THANKS YVONNE!!!

Amy blew everyone away with this beautiful present for a friend that layered printed paper on wood to make a memory box that had special meaning for the recipient.

Love the color and pattern layering on the cover on this!!

Music and note print paper can be found in our Bare Nekkid Mixed Media Paper art kit. Next up are Carmen with a fantastic canvas and Wendy with a great mini book.

Carmen whipped up this inspiring mixed media canvas using a quote she found on Pinterest and Gauche punchinella as a template for background texture.

Wendy makes fantastic minis. Here she uses items from the Acme Monthly Subscription Kit and Ouchless corrugated board to whip up a meaningful log of past vacation travels.

Video maven Elina shows us how to combine the Blue Streak Mixed Media color kit, blue punchinella, mixed print paper from the Acme monthly subscription kit and an embroidery hoop to make a beautiful wall hanging as a gift or for the home.

Ouchless corrugated board is one of my favorite Gauche Alchemy products. The corrugated material Gauche offers is flexible and easy to stitch on or punch through using large simple shape punches.

Lastly (but not leastly!), Maggi knocks it right out the park with a beautiful mini canvas.

I was blown away with this mixed media mini canvas! Maggie used bee's wax, the Acme Subscription kit and a LOT of thinking outside the box. LOVE this!

Tune in next week where I will recall some projects from our many guest designers in 2011.

I hope you had a fabulous New Year’s Eve AND day and I hope 2012 brings you nothing but love, health, and happiness.

Chells out!

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Elina’s Happy Hats for New Year’s

Hi there!

Michelle here with a super quick and easy idea for New Year’s Eve party fun- a mini top hat!

I’ve seen these on several online shops and always wished I had the 80 bucks to splurge on one. Leave it to Gauche Girl Elina to set me straight! All you really need is a spare plastic cup, a hot glue gun, 2 circles and a Gauche Alchemy Mixed Media Kit.

For this particular project, Elina used the Pink Parts Mixed Media Color Kit, the Acme Kit and lace from the Lace Ribbon Variety Pack.

Check out her fabulous “How To” here:

Question!! Elina WHERE did you get that industrial length glue stick??? I have stick envy.

(brief pause as I snicker obnoxiously)

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve, dear reader? Oh oh- now I won’t be getting that song out of my head for the rest of the day.

Chells out!