Mail Art, ATCs, Swaps & Collaborations

***under construction*** We’ll be putting in the hyperlinks and getting this organized into sections eventually.

Some of these are open projects that you can join in.  Some are closed but ongoing.  Some are closed and dead – but still have plenty of eye candy and inspiration… check ’em out.

Sketchbook Project

MAIL ART: ( (kids) (French) (ended 1/1/10 – still posting submissions, tho) (no longer updated but great past posts) (free collage art if you do community service) (mail art elephants!) (art stamps) (bicycles mail art) (tarot mail art and stamps) (magazine – vintage postcards)  or (looks no longer active – lots of links, tho) (Italian?) – art postale – Italian? (hand mail art – no longer active) (no longer active – self exploration) (Let Your Postcards Do the Walking – feet – no longer active) (furrowed brow – active) (various calls) (biennial exhibition, based in Canada)


Collaboration Journals: (dead) (dead?)

Other Collaborations:

Supplies Swap: (fiber/textile)


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