Affirmation Inspiration Strikes!

Good morning!  Marilyn here saying Hello from sunny, warm South Louisiana.  Today I have an amazing project to share with you from Alchemist Jo, one of our magnificent designers.  So, without further ado, here she is.  Jo, take it away……..

Inspiration strikes at the strangest times, don’t you find?  Not necessarily when I need it to and usually when I haven’t got a pen or scrap of paper to note it down.  By the time I get home the idea has often gone only to be replaced by a totally useless fact about the number of polar bears left in the world or what type of milk can be put in the freezer  😮  My brain has only so much room and as one thought goes in another gets shoved out!  Anyway, inspiration struck for me when I was paying for my groceries and handed over my loyalty card (loyalty card? Who am I kidding?  I’m loyal to no one hence I’ve got a stack of the darned things stuffed in my handbag).  I keep my loyalty cards on a ring (sent to me by the lovely Suzanne from Privet and Holly).  Keeping the ring in my hand until I got home ensured the idea stayed in my head!

Affirmation Card

I knew I wanted to have some fun with paint, sprays, punchinella, rubber stamps and collage (who doesn’t, eh?!) and decided to create a few different backgrounds on credit card sized cards.

Blank Affirmation Cards

I drew round a loyalty card onto watercolour paper (140lb) because the paper is strong and less prone to buckling.  Once I’d cut them out I smooshed, sprayed, stuck, stamped and painted!  I used loads of different punchinella patterns to create great effects with acrylic paint and sprays.  Gauche Alchemy offer a great punchinella variety pack  to play with.  It’s such FUN!

Note to self: do not use dribbly spray ink bottle when going out for a romantic meal with husband in an hour’s time.  It won’t wash off and apparently having a wife with blue hands is rather a passion killer ;D

Napkin Art

Paper napkin is an easy and effective background, and can be further painted, rubber stamped etc.  The Paper Napkin Art Kit  offers a brilliant variety of colours and styles.

Once I’d finished the backgrounds I added affirmations for me to focus on – some I rubber stamped, others I wrote by hand.  Affirmations allow you to consciously harness the power of positive thinking and direct it to whatever part of your life, body or spirit that needs attention.  I have yet to find one about blue hands.

Punchinella Mask

A couple of coats of Mod Podge or similar will seal and protect the cards.

I used both sides of the cards, so having made 11 cards I ended up with 22 different backgrounds and 22 different affirmations.  I added eyelets and put them on a large book ring, along with a little charm.  You could add ribbons and more charms.  The beauty of this little project is that I can go back and add more cards as I learn new techniques so it’s a techniques sample ring too.

Punchinella Mask Acrylic Paint

I had a blast putting this together but I’d better try and get that blue ink off my hands now……..!

Awesome Jo!  Now we know what to do with those pocket-full of cards we all carry around. What a wonderful way to make something so useful and life-affirming.


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Nature Lesson

Hi everyone! Maggi here to show you a nature lovin’ altered shadow box curio from from Alchemist Jo. Take it away, Jo!


Altered Shadow Box
I have LOVED looking at Maggi’s and Chrissy’s Curio Boxes that they made from the wonderful Knick Knack Paddy Whack Kit and wanted to have a go at doing one myself – and I wanted to have a go NOW! In one of my ‘things to alter’ box I found a curio box that I got cheap because it had a scratch on the acrylic (but I don’t really mind about that).

Raw Shadow Box Ready to Alter

With this box, the acrylic ‘lid’ slides off. I gave the box a coat of white gesso to seal the wood, and then applied a coat of brown acrylic. I used a crackle glaze medium but, as usual, didn’t read the instructions properly, and applied the second coat of acrylic paint too soon so it didn’t crackle, more flaked. But you know what? I really liked that look, it gave it the look of something that’s been kicking around in a garden shed for many many years and that was pretty much the look I wanted anyway. See, there are happy mistakes!

Mixed Media Shadow Box

The ‘feet’ are 4 beads, painted the same way as the box and applied with a glue gun.

Box Legs Made From Beads

I then had lots of fun filling the box with curios from nature that give us lessons in life…… A heart shaped pebble (love), a shell (Home), a feather (be gentle), eggs (nurture), a seed head (expand your horizon), a seed pod (protect), a leaf skeleton (find the beauty within), and a dead moth that got blown into the house one day (seize the day).

Nature Themed Shadow Box
The eggs are polystyrene eggs painted with acrylic paint and dotted with brown. I used some Ouchless Cardboard for the shell to sit on and the leaf skeleton (which needed to be raised nearer the lid or it seemed to disappear) and some white net from the Wedding Night Mixed Media Color Kit for the seed pod.

Finally, I screwed the clasp into place.

Wow, that was such fun to put together!

Thanks Jo, you have a way with nature! And I just love how your “mistake” produced this amazing peeled paint look, *love*.

Now go glue something awesome onto some awesome something!

Maggi 😀

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In Bed With Mixed Media Color Kits

Hi everyone! Maggi here to share with you one of, what I like to call my “Night Owl” projects. Ever have one of those? You know, you’re in bed, falling asleep, when all of a sudden you get a creative idea and just have to get started before you forget? Yep, that’s what happened here:
Create Mixed Media Wall Hanging

I was in bed, drifting off to sleep when I got to thinking about the Mixed Media Color Kits. I’ve been wanting to do a project like this for ages, something that incorporated pieces from the color kits and really showed them off. Thinking about it was driving me mad so I jumped out of bed, headed to the glue and was up until 2:00 in the morning putting this bad boy together. 😀

First, I started with a picture I found at the thrift store, then created the background using a technique I found on Julie’s blog, Life With the Tucker and Wolek Clan, I left the pattern paper on (because apparently I can’t follow directions, lol) and also added gel medium and glitter to mine. (P.S.-I am so in love with this technique, I’ve used it multiple times already so I asked Julie if she would guest post this technique here and she said yes! So watch for that coming soon!)

Found Objects Wall Hanging

I then gathered all of my Mixed Media Color Kits and started to lay them out on the background. I was SO happy with my result until I realized I then had to go through and glue everything down. :/ Luckily it went pretty fast and I’m satisfied with my twilight hour project. 😀

Altered Wall Hanging

I’ve always said that our Mixed Media Color Kits are my favorite Gauche Alchemy product. I highly suggest stocking up on them for those late night projects! 😀

Speaking of which, you can stock up on our Mixed Media Color Kits and everything in the Gauche Alchemy store at 10% off through the end of March in honor of National Craft Month!

Now go glue something awesome onto some awesome something!

Maggi 😀

Image Map

Collage art– it’s not just for Kindergarten!

It’s a cloudy day here in the desert (quite unusual for May!), and I went in search of some new art inspiration to feed my soul.  And let me tell you, the art world is rich with mixed media and collage work…I was inspired, indeed!

Take a look:

I am really loving the monochromatic quality of this one!  In fact, there just may be a kit full of these neutral, faded tones released soon *hint hint*

 Looking at all this amazing collage work has really inspired me to look at the things around me (even trash!) in a new way.  Receipt from the convenience store?  Ticket stub?  Old letter?  Discarded ribbon?  All of these things can be used to create art that is personal and meaningful.

I encourage you to take some time to think about what inspires you, and how you can incorperate everyday objects into your art.  And then leave us a comment and tell us about it!

**all artwork found on**

Nice Day for a White Wedding

Heather here~

There is a fantastic trend sweeping the bridal market— handmade and vintage inspired details are showing up everywhere!  From centerpieces to hair pieces, you can now see repurposed brooches, vintage buttons and lace, even paper.  I spent some time doing some virtual shopping on etsy and came across these amazing and creative examples…






Pomp and Plumage uses vintage lace and feathers to create these elegant pieces!  I think they have a lovely organic feel with the use of twigs and twine.

This bouquet from Letters 4 Lilly just makes me drool!

I love that these boutonnieres are made with paper flowers!  So creative!  From Desicra.

I can’t say enough about the shop The Dainty Woods…their centerpieces and cake toppers are filled with vintage trinkets.

Here I go drooling again…these favor boxes from Vintage Twee have a great story!

“These special pillow-shaped favor boxes have been hand crafted using excerpts from a 1940s love letter from a young girl named Anna to her soldier sweetheart Jack during World War Two.

Each box has been wrapped in different parts of the writing and features a photo of the couple taken from the actual letter itself. The words across the boxes read: Cherish, Adore, Hope and Wish.”

I hope that I’ve provided you with a little bit of inspiration!  While I may not be getting (re) married anytime soon, these little treasures give great ideas for hand-crafted embellishments, brooches and such.  It IS time to start thinking about handmade holiday gifts, right?

Gauche Alchemy Kit Subscriptions are Here!

Happy Monday everyone! Maggi here with an EXCITING announcement!  *happy dance*

Ever think to yourself, “I just cannot get enough Gauche Alchemy! I need more vintage-y craft-y awesome-y ephemera-y supplies and materials….more more MORE! My projects beg for the mixed media goodness that is Gauche. I want it NOW!”

Well hang on to your knee socks Veruca Salt because you demand and we provide! Please to enjoy, for the first time anywhere…*drum roll*…the ACME Mixed Media Paper Craft Kit Subscription!

“But Maggi, is this possible?! You mean there’s a subscription to Gauche Alchemy’s amazing ACME kit?!” That’s right my friend, now YOU have the opportunity to subscribe to our most popular kit. Not just that but our ACME kits will now only be available through subscription. *amazed, awe inspired gasp* You have a choice of a 6 or 12 month subscription, each and every kit you receive will be busting at the seams with rich, creamy Gauche Alchemy perfection. And the best part is, you don’t even have to leave your WIP (Work In Progress) because each kit will be shipped to you automatically!

Just like snowflakes, no two kits and no two months will ever be the same! These pictures are merely representations of what you can expect to receive during your subscription term. Here’s how it works:

Visit the Gauche Alchemy store, choose between the 6 month or 12 month subscription, simply add to your cart and check out. This will pay for your first month. We will then set up a PayPal subscription for the rest of your subscription term. The subsequent charges will appear on the 15th of the month and the kit will be mailed on the next business day. You may cancel at anytime, just notify us before the 10th of the month.

Anddddd all this can be yours for the low low price of only $30.00 a month! PLUS shipping is FREE to the US and Canada! (International customers only pay a flat shipping rate of $8.00!) Who loves you baby? Gauche Alchemy, that’s who! 😀 But wait, there’s more!!!

If you choose the 12 month Subscription, you’ll receive an extra $5.00 worth of Gauche Alchemy product (could be a color kit or random bag of awesomeness) added to your kit every month for FREE!

And did I forget to mention the extra 10% store discount that our subscribers receive? That’s right, for the length of your sub term, you’ll receive a personalized (non transferable) code that entitles you to 10% off anything else in our store that you have shipped with your kit!

So let’s sum up:

1. 6 or 12 month subscription – always ships FREE to the US and Canada (Only $8.00 for all other countries)  -Check
2. 12 month subscribers will always receive an extra $5 worth of GA product in their kits -Check
3. 6 and 12 month subscribers receive an additional 10% store discount for the length of their term -Check
4. Gauche Alchemy is awesome -Check and double check! 😉

So there you have it! This just made your Monday, didn’t it?! 🙂 So head on over to the Gauche Alchemy store and sign up for your 6 month or 12 month ACME Mixed Media Paper Craft Kit subscription today!!!

Now go subscribe and then go glue something awesome onto some awesome something! 😀
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Kas’ Louie Louie

Kas’ altered item this time around…is a dog bowl.

She says….
My daughter informed me the other day that she thought I must not like our latest dog (of about 6 months) as much as the others, because I haven’t made any craft or photo projects about him.
Well, I of course had to prove her wrong…and now she believes me.
So Louie now has his very own work of art.

I glued a strip of scrapbook paper around the inside edge and a picture of him in the center, using Martha Stewart glue.
I made small snips in the paper so that it would lay flat on the curve, much like sewing on a curved seam.

I then embellished it with objects from the following kits:
Scarlet Fever Red Kit,
Banana Hammock Yellow Kit,
It’s All Gravy Baby! Brown Kit, and
Wedding Night White Kit.

I hot glued some dog ribbon for a hanger…and voila!!

Last minute gifts made from your Gauche Goodies!

Kas’ Techniques for Saving Your Behind. (also known as last minute gifts made from your Gauche Goodies!)

Well this weekend I got one of those surprises. We had planned on going out with a large group of friends, but we (or at least I) wasn’t told it was for a birthday. It was super late on the other side of town from ANYTHING. So of course I sat at my crafty table and pondered.

They it hit me….I must have some Gauche goodies to help with this! First I took a plain vase. Added a glue strip…

Then wrapped a piece of Purple Punchinella around the vase.

I added some beads and trinkets from the Purple People Eater kit along with some clear marbles.

It seemed to me that this would work for other things, so I wrapped some different punchinella around a small glass and added a tea light.

I LOVE the way the light shown through it.

For the last “gift” I cut a square of Ouchless Cardboard.

I painted the edges with pink and purple shimmer paint. Then I cut a smaller piece paper from the Wholly Sheets and glued it to the cardboard pressing it down between the ridges as I attached it.

I then added a purple butterfly sequin from the Purple People Eater kit and a flower from the Pink Parts kit.

Lastly I took two flower beads from the Pink Parts kitt and put them on two plain circular earring blanks I had. I used a Basic Grey Notch & Die Tool to make the cuts and a Crop-o-dile to make the holes to add the earrings too.

These could all three be done start to finish in less than an hour!

Getting Naked with the Kitcsh Delish Kit

Hi! It’s Yvonne with a weekend project for you to do! 🙂

A friend of mine passed me a really beaten up but naked Maya Road lunch tin. The naked part got me excited of course because it means a host of possibilities for decorating…:) The lunch tin got me thinking about food of course (I’m a total foodie!) and so I played with the Kitsch Delish Paper Craft Mixed Media Kit with some bits from the Scarlett Fever Red Mixed Media Color Kit for that punch of color!

Eat only the best

Love this Jenni Bowlin paper which I decoupaged to the front of the lunch tin….I love the faint “Best” so I just added some gold distress stickles (for some glass glitter sparkle!)…and embellished with bits of patterned paper, stickers and rubons.

Eat only the best closeup

I painted these wooden letters (Kaiser Craft) with acrylic paint and inked the edges with distress ink. The brown letter stickers are from Cosmo Cricket.

Eat only the best closeup2

Some bits from the Scarlett Fever Red Mix Media Color Kit

Eat only the best backview

I used the wrapping tissue to fill up the back part of the tin (in place of patterned paper), added the misted doiley, some lovely punchinella (love this stuff!), rubon and sticker!

Eat only the best top view

For the top of the tin, I used patterned paper, a beer label, sticker, doiley, bling, lacey fabric and some charms…
Do you like it?

’tis the other season….

garagle sale booty

lara here …

so, last weekend i stumbled into a neighbor’s garage sale just to see what other’s trash i might find treasure in.
i’m actually not a big garage sale fan, but as i’ve gotten more into mixed media i’ve approached them with a whole different mindset.
…as i have trash piles on the side of the street 🙂

i walked into the house and saw the “normal” stuff – bedding, books, side tables … in the corner was a sewing table. Really gorgeous, but i would have no place in my home for it. Being the nosy, erm curious, soul that i am, i opened one of the drawers and low and behold it was FILLED with all different colors and sizes of lace ribbon. This is when the adrenaline kicked in and I opened another draw – full of sewing accouterments like super old needles in cool packaging, discolored tape measures, BUTTONS … as i wiped the drool from my chin i asked the woman if i could buy this stuff separately or if it came with the table and she was more shocked than i was to see that the drawers were full. She said how about $3 and i said “sold!”

OK … so then my interest was really piqued and i started looking around a little more – a bag of old sewing patterns! Now, i’m not one to sew, the thought of threading a sewing machine sounds like torture, but the artwork on the patterns alone were wonderful! Back in time when they sketched the models… I asked how much for this huge bag and she said “hmmm $10?” i said “ok”. Then in the other corner were a pile of books – i got two super old ones – a dictionary where the pages are already starting to crumble and an old novel from the early 1900’s i’m scared to touch the pages. And she threw them in to my bag – $13 and enough ephemera to last a lifetime!

Tis the season for garage sales – what are some amazing things you’ve found that have quickened your pulse and infused your creativity?