’tis the other season….

garagle sale booty

lara here …

so, last weekend i stumbled into a neighbor’s garage sale just to see what other’s trash i might find treasure in.
i’m actually not a big garage sale fan, but as i’ve gotten more into mixed media i’ve approached them with a whole different mindset.
…as i have trash piles on the side of the street 🙂

i walked into the house and saw the “normal” stuff – bedding, books, side tables … in the corner was a sewing table. Really gorgeous, but i would have no place in my home for it. Being the nosy, erm curious, soul that i am, i opened one of the drawers and low and behold it was FILLED with all different colors and sizes of lace ribbon. This is when the adrenaline kicked in and I opened another draw – full of sewing accouterments like super old needles in cool packaging, discolored tape measures, BUTTONS … as i wiped the drool from my chin i asked the woman if i could buy this stuff separately or if it came with the table and she was more shocked than i was to see that the drawers were full. She said how about $3 and i said “sold!”

OK … so then my interest was really piqued and i started looking around a little more – a bag of old sewing patterns! Now, i’m not one to sew, the thought of threading a sewing machine sounds like torture, but the artwork on the patterns alone were wonderful! Back in time when they sketched the models… I asked how much for this huge bag and she said “hmmm $10?” i said “ok”. Then in the other corner were a pile of books – i got two super old ones – a dictionary where the pages are already starting to crumble and an old novel from the early 1900’s i’m scared to touch the pages. And she threw them in to my bag – $13 and enough ephemera to last a lifetime!

Tis the season for garage sales – what are some amazing things you’ve found that have quickened your pulse and infused your creativity?

12 Responses

  1. One persons tash is another persons treasure!

  2. What an awesome stash you found! Great job Lara, can’t wait to see some of the things you create with these goodies!

  3. Ohhh that dictionary and gnome book look fabulous! Haven’t been to a boot sale in to long! Must go!!

  4. Ok sooooo….. give me a call next time you go yard sale-in, okie doke? LOL

  5. Wow, S-C-O-R-E!!! I love going to garage/yard sales and what not. And books falling apart are the best, you never feel guilty taking them apart to glue them on something. LOL I’m always excited to find old letters and magazines!

  6. Love the Gnome! My brother is deathly afraid of Gnomes and I LOVE to send them to him all the time!

  7. I went to a few yardsales this past weekend too!
    I found an entire box of vintage sheet music,$2.00!!
    a box of vintage lace $5.00
    an old scrabble games(love those tiles!) $.25!!
    and old bingo game $.50!!!!!!!
    a really cool box of vintage catholic prayer cards,, for FREE!!! she was like ,,, ummm you WANT these??
    the list goes on and on,,, but it was so much fun!!!

  8. NOT A Garage sale junkie……come on!! I am jealous of all those who weren’t on the Girl Scout camping trip to start with….but then I see all of this bootie!!!! MY word am I jealous now!!!

    Congrats on all the great stuff!

  9. you hit a mini jackpot!!! happy dance!!! can’t wait to ooooggle what you make.

  10. What an amazing addition to your stash, lara! Kristie– I love religious icons, prayer cards, milagros and the like– how cool that you got some for free!!!

  11. What a fabulous haul!!! seriously, how can you NOT spend 13 bucks???
    I saw the picture at the top, and there was a gnome book. I HATE gnomes usually, but for some reason, it was this book in that pic that stopped me dead in my tracks!! Why? IDK> but for some unknown reason, I now NEED one!! for real!!!

    You are a lucky little garage sale-ing lady!! have fun!!

  12. i so love the junk you’ve bought!! I need a proper garage sale here in Singapore!! All our junk are…really junk….sigh

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