Merdrey Gets the Picture

Hello! It’s Merdrey checking in on the blog…how’s life?

Well..I was trying to scrap this photo a few of us Gauche gals took at CHA…

Gauche Alchemy Gals(Gauche Alchemy DT members: Kas, me and Angela)

…and my printer ran out of did my photo printer.  How lucky is that?! (For the record, we were all pointing at my bag as I gave a picture of it to Kas and Angela to locate me on the showfloor! *hahahaha*)

So anyway, life is not without l decided to go photo-less!

I grabbed some Gauche Alchemy supplies and set down to work with nothing in my mind…just looking to see if anything fits. Sometimes, when we are dying to create but our mojo seems to have taken a holiday, it is good to just grab some supplies and go with the flow. There’s no right or wrong in art anyway. If you don’t like what you see, set it aside and work with it next time. Sometimes I just tear it apart and start over…there’s really nothing wrong with it.

So tadaaa!



I love going through my Gauche kits as you never really know what part of history is hidden in your pack. If you love vintage ephemera and pleasant surprises, maybe you should get a Gauche Alchemy ACME Kit Subscription too =) Till next time!

Hugs, Merdrey

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8 Responses

  1. This is so cute! But you must scrap that photo too…how fun to meet at CHA!

  2. I am in total love with this project! Methinks I have to scraplift this sometime! 😀

    Great seeing you all together at CHA!

  3. Well, it obviously worked out for you. and … its adorable. Kind of makes me think of Edward & Bella flying through the trees….( I have teen daughters okay)

  4. Wow Medrey… I LOVE this layout! Awesome cool girl!

  5. this turned out good…what will you do with it?

  6. Thanks for the comments ladies! Joyce, i’m actually going to journal on it and leave it as a layout! =)

  7. […] Gauche gals and the Bombshell Gals are hopping together on a HOT HOT theme and if you remember my first post on the Gauche Alchemy blog, i had wanted to scrap the photo of Kas, Angela and i at the CHA Summer […]

  8. I love this site so much!

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