Announcing our new design team!

We are so very excited to introduce you to our new design team.  As always, we got a mind-numbing array of talent in our applications.  You guys never make this easy for us.  It’s such a delicious dilemma, but we hate having to turn so many of you away.  :*(  Boo.

We will be posting little snippets and sneaks over the next month or so, in preparation for our re-launch in September.  Remember, our ArtFire store is still open, so feel free to drop by and peruse our wares.  (You know you want to peruse our wares… *snork*)  For now, we will just introduce you to our fabulous line-up, give you a chance to check out their blogs, stalk them on Facebook and say hello.

First of all, some faces you will recognize.  We are retaining the services of our wonderful Captain, Yvonne Yam!  Yvonne lives in Singapore, and she will be around to crack the whip at the team, offer motivation and eye candy, and keep our social media and marketing running smoothly.

We are pleased as punch to announce that Carmen Wing will also be staying on (did we ever explain that Carmen and Amy didn’t know each other before Carmen applied the first time?  Weird, huh?  Two white chicks with Asian names connecting up over messy art and old paper…).  Carmen lives in England, and will continue to play with our stuff (tee hee!) and coordinate our newsletter.

Another exciting announcement!  Maggi Flynn, former Design Team Captain, is back on board!  Having finished her latest big project (a healthy baby girl!), she’s chomping at the bit to rejoin GA – and we didn’t need any arm twisting or noogies to convince us.  Maggi will be coordinating the blog and leading our new writing team as Head Writer Lady.  That’s an official title – on her business cards and everything.

 We have reformatted our team a bit and now have those who primarily design, those who primarily write, and those who primarily make awesome tutorial videos.  We think this will provide a ton of great content for you and keep everyone busy and happily creating.  Let me introduce you to our writers!

Ngaire Bartlam hails from Australia and oozes snark.  She possesses oodles and oodles of questionable judgment.  That’s why we had to have her on our team.

Michelle Hernandez captured us with her witty and wise writing style.  She is a gal who says it like it is and isn’t afraid to cross the line of propriety.  Since we don’t even know where the line of propriety IS, we figured we couldn’t find a better match!  Oh, and we love that she comes from Brooklyn, NY, a city that we unofficially call the Snark Capitol of the World.

We hired two dedicated designers, and we can’t wait for them to get their hands all over our junk. (Bwha!!)

Fauve van Maanen comes to us from The Netherlands, and her work is simply exquisite.  We’ll let you in on a little secret: we’ve been fans of Fauve for quite a little bit.  We swooned with joy when her application came in.  We’re not worthy!  We’re not worthy!  😉

Chrissy Colón lives in California and is our second dedicated designer.  She won us over with the birdhouses she became obsessed with and started posting to our Facebook page after Kas’ last post.

On to our videographers.  We posted for one videographer whose job it is to make fabulous tutorial videos to walk you through the steps of various useful and messy techniques.  But we couldn’t choose between these two, so our indecision is everyone’s gain – this will mean TWICE the videos and twice the messy and useful techniques you will be learning in the coming months!  Whoo hoo!  Whip out the hose and the baby wipes – it’s ON!  (Wow, that sounded particularly gauche, didn’t it?)

First up, Cheryl Whittaker from Belgium.  Her application video was super awesome with it’s stop-frame animation and charmingly tongue-in-cheek instructions (“Before you begin, take a shower…”).  We couldn’t pass THAT up, now could we?

Our second tutorial goddess is Elina Koutsouradi.  Her concise instructions and darling personality won a place in our hearts… and therefore our team.    She is moving and shaking the craft world in Greece, and we are super stoked to have her share her talents with Gauche Alchemy.

So, that’s our team!  We hope you are as happy with our selections as we are… and we are so excited to share their whimsical works with you starting September 1st!

Oh!  We should also mention our Guest Designer for September is none other than Dina Wakley!  This is gonna be more fun than a pig in spats.

15 Responses

  1. Oh my, what goddesses of inspiration and snark! Love, love, love. And can’t wait to see what you ladies and Gauche Alchemy will be coming up with. There’s sure to be a ton of awesomeness for sure!

    Loves and congrats all around! =)

  2. Wow we really have someone from everywhere don’t we? 😀 So excited to work with you lovely ladies of questionable nature!

    Big hugs to all!

  3. So excited to get started – thank you so much for picking me! x

  4. Wow, what a good looking group of gauche-ys! Welcome ladies!

  5. i am sooo excited about it!!! can’t wait to post my first video!

  6. WHOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!What a super fab team 🙂 I am super stoked to be a part of it.And Dina is such a sweety and love her style,great guest designer!

  7. p.s. You girls totally made me LOL!!Thanks for the kind words honeypie´s!! 🙂

  8. I just can not wait to see what you awesome ladies have to show us!!!

  9. Congrats to the new DT! and a special shout out to Fauve! 😉
    Can’t wait to see what you all create!

  10. I get to write AND known as queen of paper snark??? YAAAAY!So excited!!!

  11. What an amazing TEAM!!!

  12. Congratulations ladies and a special TOOT for Elina, one of the most talented scrappers in Greece!

  13. congrats on the new team!! WOOT!!

  14. […] already met our new team of Gauche Alchemists and they’re currently behind the scenes furiously creating some awesome somethings for you […]

  15. How did i miss this??? Congrats and special yay to ma girlies Cheryl and Mich!!! 🙂

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